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Online sale of real estate


Are you a real estate agent? Do you run a real estate advertisement website or office? If the answer is yes, in each of the cases you can use the landing page to promote your business activity and effectively gain new customers on the internet. Are you already running an online campaign, but would like to increase your contact database in a short time? That’s another reason for utilization of a landing page! Read the article and learn more about why you should use one:

I have a website, why would I need a landing page?

The basic reason for which it isn’t advisable to redirect movement from online campaigns to a regular website presenting the complete offer is the surfeit of information that can usually be found there. On the main page of an advertisement website the user encounters a number of subpages and has an opportunity to perform numerous actions. Unfortunately, such a situation usually means that they won’t perform the one that is the most important to you, e.g. they won’t make an appointment to learn about the complete offer. In this case neither will the user benefit from visiting your website – they won’t find what they were looking for – nor will you gain a new customer. Therefore, don’t waste the opportunity of a net surfer stumbling upon your offer and prepare a specially dedicated landing page in order to increase the conversion rate.

Why is it good to choose a landing page?

Landing pages are designed in a way that makes the page visitor perform one precisely stated action, e.g. filling out a contact data form. Simplicity of its construction directly translates itself into gaining a larger conversion rate. Before you start creating a landing page remember that a net surfer will devote just a moment to browse through your offer. So don’t overdo with the amount of text! Bear in mind that the landing page must meet one basic purpose – it must convince the user to perform an action. A well-designed landing page will ensure a high ROI. Read more on the most significant elements of an effective landing page.

Create a page that will attract customers!

You must be wondering how to use the landing page in order to attract as many customers as possible and make your database burst at the seams. Here are some tips:

  • The campaign

Redirect movement to the landing page from a search engine campaign (e.g. Google AdWords), from advertisement banners, from social media adverts and mailings. A landing page is useful in virtually every online campaign. Remember also that many web surfers use mobile devices nowadays, so ensure that the landing page views correctly on mobile devices – tablets and smartphones.

  • Add a form

The most important element of a landing page prepared for the real estate industry, such as for a company providing buyers agent services, is the contact form. It is the form that will provide you with information useful for further contact with the customer. However, try not to put too many fields to fill out, as it can significantly discourage the visitors from submitting their data. The form should be visible on the page and contain a conspicuous call to action button, so that an action can be performed. Use our tips on how to shorten a contact form.

  • Integrate your form with a chosen CRM system

Undoubtedly, in your business activity you do run a database of gained customers. Therefore, a very good idea is to integrate the landing page form with customer relationship management systems (CRM). By collecting data in a CRM system you will make your work easier and the contact data that you’ve acquired will be in order. In this way you will be able to easily use it in further marketing and commercial activities. Integration will simply aid your customer relationship management.

  • Add something extra

What extras can ensure effectiveness of your landing page? In the real estate industry you must have encountered a situation in which good developers were “recommended.” Consequently, it is good to add to the landing page some recommendations from contended customers, which will give credibility to your competences. Other additional elements that can be added on the landing page include a video showing the vicinity in which the property is located, a map showing how to get there or a clock indicating how much time has been left until the offer’s end. All the elements can be easily added to the landing page in our app.

Would you like to expand the contact database and be successful in your industry? Remember that your customers are on the internet and it is there where you can easily address them. If you decide to prepare a landing page, don’t forget about running an A/B test, which will make optimization of conversion even easier.

Paulina Kamińska

Content Writer

Paulina Kamińska is a marketing content expert with over 2 years of experience in digital marketing specialized in landing page creation.
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