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Partner up with Landingi – One of the Best Affiliate Programs


If there’s one thing in the marketing world that may serve as an example of a win-win situation, it’s affiliate marketing programs. The company that creates such a program gets more traffic, recognition, and, eventually, customers, while partners earn tidy commissions for their engagement in spreading the word about the company. That’s the short version. Read on and I’ll explain a bit more about the best affiliate programs and their terms & conditions.

What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

Companies need more and more traffic, leads and customers, and an affiliate program is one of the most effective solutions to support the marketing efforts of the whole team.

When a company launches its affiliate program, it needs to somehow convince people to participate in the program. That’s why there’s commission – some companies offer 5, 10, or even 25% per lead, sale or customer acquisition. The amount an affiliate can earn varies due to numerous factors.

An affiliate link is the core of a partnership between a company and an affiliate. Whenever you begin a partnership, you get your own link. Now it’s your job to spread the word about the company, its products or services, and to place your link here and there – each time someone clicks an affiliate link to visit, let’s say, an online shop, and buys something (like a 3-month subscription of the software you promote), you get your commission.

Here’s an example: if you participate in a sportswear brand’s affiliate program, you may get 5% off each jacket, pair of boots or trainers someone buys – but only if they visit the shop’s website via your affiliate link.

In-house affiliate programs vs platform-based ones

Some companies decide to run their own affiliate programs, and that means taking care of a whole service, affiliate support, making payments and so on. While that approach guarantees more direct contact with the company, it may also mean no automation, no quick-payoffs and an irritating jumping between websites (if you participate in more than one affiliate program).

A remedy for such issues may be an affiliate program platform, such as PartnerStack (which we run our affiliate program in), where you can manage different affiliate programs in one place. It certainly makes participating in many programs simultaneously much easier. Third-party programs also provide affiliates with more flexibility when it comes to commission withdrawal – partners may withdraw their money after they collect a certain amount. In most cases, the money goes to the affiliate’s account immediately and the process is 100% automated.

What’s in it for you?

Partnering with a company gives affiliates a whole lot of benefits. No doubt it’s mostly about earning commissions, but that’s not the end of the story. Many companies organize challenges – promotional actions dedicated to affiliates. The company comes up with a task and, usually, a limited time to complete it. For example, the aforementioned sportswear brand offers an additional 5% commission for all partners who’ll manage to bring 150 sales during the week-long challenge. It’s another win-win because partners can make extra money, while companies get new customers and income rapidly.

Long-term partnerships can also end up with stronger bonds between affiliates and a company – sometimes an affiliate marketing program may result in an individual commission calculation or a promotional contract for the partner.

Top affiliate programs – partner up with Landingi

The best affiliate programs for bloggers, marketers and all the others are the high paying affiliate programs – Landingi’s is certainly one of them. What do you get for participating in it?

The money

All participants of the Landingi’s affiliate program get a 20% commission each time someone makes a payment for the Landingi platform from his or her affiliate link. The commission is not recurring, you can earn 20% commission in the first 12 months of the customer lifecycle.

The convenience

Landingi is all about working smarter and more effectively – that’s why we’ve joined forces with PartnerStack. Together, we bring an affiliate program that’s easy to work with, intuitive and convenient for each partner.

The means

We value your time and we want to make it count – that’s why we’ve prepared a pack of Resources for every affiliate. It contains ready-to-use banners dedicated for use in social media and ads (coming in a variety of sizes and formats), short Landingi’s descriptions to familiarize future customers with our company, as well as access to a Google Sheet with dozens of posts prepared for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media, ready to copy and paste wherever you like.

The time

We realize that buying a SaaS subscription should be well-thought-out – that means you will need some time to convince your contacts to put their money in our platform. That’s why affiliate links have a 90-day cookie length. What does it mean? In short: people who clicked your link have 90 days, instead of the usual 30, to make a payment in Landingi. That’s three times as much!

How to join the Landingi Affiliate Program?

If you want to start earning commissions as our partner, you need to visit the Landingi’s Affiliate Program website and click “Join the Affiliate Program”

You’ll be redirected to Landingi’s site in PartnerStack, where you can create an account and start your journey as a Landingi Affiliate. Click “Join now” and take another step:

You can now choose to register via your Google account or use an email address:

Once you’ve finished the registration, you get immediate access to the PartnerStack panel, where you can manage every aspect of your partnership with Landingi – links, resources and so on.

Congratulations, you are now officially registered as a Landingi partner. What now?

Quick Start Tips

The best affiliate marketing programs don’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are a few ways to crank up your affiliate engine.

Assuming that you know a thing or two about being in an online business, you probably run your own website, blog or other places where you can post content. See what options you have.

An article

Running your own blog makes this step easy as pie – you can create a blogpost about Landingi and include your referral link in it, making sure your readers will stumble upon it eventually. You can also paste your reflink to some other articles inside your blog.

Have you heard about an idea of guest posting before? Usually, people write guest posts to acquire backlinks – and that’s exactly what you should do, too! Make contact with companies that fit contextually, and offer them a free or paid guest post service. You can write an article for them in exchange for an opportunity to place a link or two on their website or one of their blog entries.

Landingi Review

There are many websites made for posting software reviews, such as G2, Capterra or Trustpilot. Their popularity stems from the fact that people like reading independent reviews before they commit to a purchase, as they provide a more in-depth look from a different perspective than the official communication of the company. You can be another source of valuable information for a lot of people.

Reviewing the software you recommend is a smart move – it helps in increasing people’s interest in it. But make sure that your review is honest and thorough, there’s no such thing as a flawless product.


If you have built an audience on YouTube, you may want to show them Landingi. Images speak louder than words – combining words, images, audio and video may work significantly better, especially if the product you recommend is somehow relevant to what you usually do on your channel.

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for software reviews o because people want to see it in action. Another distribution channel means more users being familiar with who you are, as well.


Another thing to consider is creating a demo video or webinar for your audience, during which you may show them the capabilities of the Landingi platform. Answering questions asked by your followers may be crucial for their interest in the solutions you want them to try.

Sharing in social media

Your social media feeds are the best places to let your circle know about the software you’ve partnered up with. Post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you like, using our pre-made copy we’ve left for you in the Resources tab in your PartnerStack profile.

Always remember to include your referral link – in each post, video description or article you write – a customer has to make a payment from your link to count it as your contribution.

Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Content Specialist

Sylwester Karnuszewicz is a marketing content expert with over 4 years of experience in digital marketing and landing page creation.
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