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Landing Page and Video Integration


Are you using video on your landing pages?

Well, with the potential to increase your conversion rates by as much as 80%, you definitely should be!

There has been a recent and dramatic rise in the use of paid and organic video advertising. Video is now widely recognized by marketers as one of the few content mediums that consistently meets and surpasses ROI expectations. The true power of video rests in its ability to clearly and accurately convey to consumers a compelling value proposition. According to the marketing gurus at Hyperfine Media, not only do 36% of online consumers trust video ads, but 90% of users say that videos are helpful in assisting them with their decision making processes. These are rates significantly higher than other forms of digital advertising. Whether placed at the top, bottom, or middle of the funnel, videos have a definitive role to play in your future landing page success.

To help get you on the right path, this post is dedicated to providing you with some tips, tricks, and best practices for optimizing your landing page videos. Yet, before we move on to the best practices of landing page video optimization, let’s quickly review some of the further benefits of landing page video.

Landing Page Videos – The Benefits

video landing page benefits
Let’s jump right in and take a look at a few of the great benefits that can result when embedding videos within your landing pages.

Benefit #1: Enhanced Consumer Connection
video landing page emotions
Videos are ideal for walking a potential consumer through the process of using and understanding your product or service. This is especially true if the product or service is a complex digital age offering (i.e. such as a SaaS company). Videos not only inform, but they build a consumer connection by focusing on emotional cues. As entertainment is really synonymous with engagement, videos solve one of the biggest landing page challenges of the digital age and actively engage visitors. From comedy, to drama, to empathy, videos present the opportunity to overcome the traditional landing page challenge of static and text-based content.

Benefit #2: Dynamic Social Proof

Remember, the purchasers of today are more inclined to trust their peers. This is especially true if they find their thoughts and opinions easily accessible. Social proof is one of the most important aspects of executing any landing page strategy. While testimonials and trust icons are the traditional options of landing page social proof, video testimonials have the unique ability to reach emotional triggers and encourage conversion. With the ability to increase credibility, humanize your brand, and appeal to multiple customer segments, video testimonials are a multifaceted tool for social proof optimization.

Benefit #3: Improved SEO and Millennial Conversions

When it comes to search results, thumbnail images (i.e. “rich snippets”) from your landing page videos offer a lot of additional benefits. They can help enhance SEO, boost click-through rates, improve SERP rankings, and lower bounce rates via immediate consumer engagement. As a premium content category, videos also have a significant influence over today’s Millennial consumers. According to a recent marketing study by Animoto, not only do 80% of Millennials consider video content when researching a purchasing decision, but 7 out of 10 Millennials are likely to watch a product/company video when shopping online. Keeping in mind the unprecedented popularity of video among Millennials, landing page video integration is a natural solution when it comes to optimizing conversions.

Now that we understand a few of the many great benefits of using landing page videos, the pertinent question is this:

How do you create videos that increase trust, credibility, and induce your prospective customer to take a specific conversion action?

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at six tips for creating compelling landing page videos.

Tip #1 – Keep It Short

The typical attention span of a website or landing page visitor is notoriously short. Some estimates place it as low as eight seconds. It is for this reason that it is essential that land page videos offer quick and compelling answers.

Nothing kills a potential conversion like a lack of clarity. Focus on creating a 45-90 second masterpiece that clearly conveys the benefits of your product, service, or value proposition. It is a good rule of thumb to error on the side of caution, and go shorter rather than longer when it comes to length.

Reviewing over 564,710 videos and more than 1.3 billion plays, a recent Wistia study on video length (see the photo above) found optimal viewer engagement steady for up to two minutes. Anything longer, and there is a significant dropoff in viewer engagement.

Tip #2 – Avoid Autoplay

Tip #2 focuses on one of the worst things a marketer can do: using autoplay. While autoplay appears to be a growing trend in the digital marketing world, we should all understand (as both consumers and sellers) how annoying and embarrassing it can be. It is important to remember that, when it comes to the consumer/brand relationship, consumers have a deep desire to see themselves as an equal. Autoplay reinforces the preconceived consumer notion that marketers and brands apply intrusive advertising techniques.

How much is autoplay hated? Well, when research solution provider Ask Your Target Market presented their readers the exact same question, over half (53%) of their respondents indicated that they disliked them. While this specific question was focused on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, the reasoning behind the answer can be applied to landing page videos as well.

Remember, no one likes an intrusive, pushy, or in your face sales call. For similar reasons the majority of landing page visitors will prefer to digest information on their own accord. If you truly desire autoplay for aesthetic or strategic reasons, try implementing a silent full-screen context video instead. Check out Story & Heart for a great example of this technique.

Tip #3 – Apply Subtitles

A great audio clip, even if professionally done, can only go so far in the digital age. Many marketers are using a mixture of voiceovers and compelling imagery in their videos in order to stimulate consumer emotional cues. Yet, using only these two elements could potentially lead consumers to misunderstand your value proposition and CTAs. An essential best practice of landing page video is the use of subtitles.

Whether applied to the entire video or just during value-driven segments, subtitles have the ability to significantly increase your video engagement. Why? Because subtitles have the unique ability to improve target market memory. When your potential consumers both read AND listen your value proposition, it is likely to linger longer in their minds. Not only will potential consumers spend more time engaged and alert, but the use of subtitles is likely to expand your potential audience. Whether due to a personal preference, a hearing impairment, or an individual just doesn’t own headphones, adding subtitles will allow a wide range of individuals to still comprehend the video, even if they can’t get the full audio/visual effect.

A final reason why subtitles are necessary relates to Tip #2. If you do in fact decide that it is in your best interest to use autoplay (i.e. Facebook videos), subtitles act to engage your viewers before they get annoyed your video. It can help them forget the intrusive feeling typically associated with autoplay, and more easily convey your value proposition.

Tip #4 – Present a Clear Value Proposition

Ideal landing pages should clearly identify your potential consumer’s problem and how you can solve it. It is no different when using landing page videos. Returning to the idea of clarity, make sure that in both your written script (see below) and visuals you clearly identify how your product, service, or idea can bring the consumer value.

Once you have identified your target audience value proposition, you can then attempt to achieve a conversion with a clear call to action at the end of the video. It is important to know before creating your video what it is exactly that you want to accomplish.

Before you draft your script, make sure to fully determine what it is you want your potential consumers to do after watching your video. This will come in handy when tracking metrics (Tip #4), as you will be able to evaluate the success of your campaign based on the number of individuals who completed your desired task (i.e. download, opt-in, purchase, etc.).

Create clear headlines that grab attention, and be sure to adjust the copy size to fit the video above the fold.

Tip #5 – Develop a Script

Videos are a form of expression and art, and therefore they require ample time and dedication. Without a revised and edited script you will be hardpressed to appear authentic to your target audience.

As high quality sound is one of the most important aspects of landing page videos, your audio must be professionally recorded and practiced. Look to invest in a professional grade microphone as opposed to onboard microphones or cell phones. This relatively small investment can have a huge impact on professionalism and conversion rates.

In an older (but still highly relevant) blog post, serial entrepreneur and marketing expert Brian Clark suggests not only drafting a script, but recording it in pieces and using editing software to transition the fragments into an integrated whole. This will ensure optimal quality each step of the way, and will greatly assist those up and coming marketers who lack the agency budget to hire paid voices.

Tip #6 – Track Metrics

Once you have clearly defined a video goal and implemented it on your landing page, it is time to review your video analytics and KPIs in order to understand how your video is performing. Potential metrics include:

  • Unique views
  • Time spent on page
  • Click through rate (the percentage of those who landed on the page and clicked through to watch the video)
  • Attention span rate (the percentage of viewers who watched all the way through)
  • Completed view to lead conversion rate

Video analytics are one of the most important and useful tools for determining the value of landing page campaigns. The above metrics are all answers to the very important question of who is watching and why. Turnkey dashboard solutions can report on your metrics and present them in an automated and easy to read form. These reports will assist you in understanding not only the story behind each view, but which videos are providing maximum ROI for your value proposition. Potential third-party tools that can be used to embed video and create KPI reports include: YouTube, Vimeo, Ooyala, and Vidyard.

In Conclusion…

With their ability to infuse static landing pages with dynamic engagement, landing page videos are an important part of the future of content marketing. From storytelling, to conversion, to lead nurturing, the winning brands of the digital age will soon be defined by their ability to create dynamic and compelling consumer relationships through their use of video. Brands that can do this will continue to succeed no matter how technology evolves.

Robert Marczak

Marketing Expert

Robert Marczak is a marketing expert with over 9 years of experience in digital marketing, lead generation, and landing page creation.
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