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Effortless Multi-Page Synchronization

Instant updates across multiple (even hundreds) pages with Smart Sections streamline page management and let you save time, ensuring that your pages remain consistent.

Smart Sections in Landingi

Tired of updating contact details, footers, or navigation on every page for even the smallest changes?

Landingi has something just for you!

Managing numerous pages for the same company or campaign, especially when certain sections are identical, can be both time-consuming and mundane. With Smart Sections, those updates can be done in seconds! Say farewell to tedious updates and embrace more time for what really matters.

Smart sections in Landingi

Smart Sections are reusable blocks that you can add to multiple pages and automatically synchronize changes on all pages with that section. It eliminates repetitive manual updates, making your workflow more efficient and your content more consistent.

Who are Smart Sections for?

For solo players
By automating part of the design process, you can focus your resources on content creation and strategy, maximizing the impact of your efforts with less time spent on technical implementation.

For teams
Smart Sections help maintain a unified design vision across all projects, ensuring that every team member is aligned and contributing towards the same aesthetic and functional goals.

Which sections are smartable?

Set up any section as a Smart Section to make your pages consistent and uniform.
Save valuable hours and simplify your workflow, making content management more efficient.

Smart Sections work great with:

Headers and Footers

Product Catalogs

Testimonials and Reviews

Event Calendars

FAQs and Help Sections

About Us Sections

Team Member Profiles

Portfolio Projects

Pricing Sections

Offers and Discounts


Literally any other section

How to Smart Up Your Daily Work

Dedicated Builder

Create and edit Smart Sections using an intuitive builder to avoid inconsistencies and errors. Maintain a large number of pages without a corresponding increase in workload.

Locations Control

Control the location of Smart Sections used across pages to verify that changes will be published exactly where you intend them to be, ensuring precise control over your content updates.

Bulk Management

Align multiple pages with your current messaging and brand strategy. Keep up with market trends, customer feedback, and new insights. Adapt to changes and maintain your brand’s online presence effectively.

Section templates in Landingi

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