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Drive sales and conversions with irresistible product displays and seamless shopping experiences

Use a reliable and secure platform that smoothly handles millions of visits


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Ecommerce in Landingi

The art of digital sales is a matter of tools

To succeed in e-commerce, you need stunning pages and, at the same time, some professional equipment—from payment gateways and the tools for customer behavior analysis to decision triggers like pop-ups, countdown timers, and more.

Showcase your products to vast audiences, boost sales, integrate campaigns, and monitor orders effortlessly. Leverage over 170 integrations to connect with your CRM, email marketing, chat services, and e-commerce platforms, enhancing your business capabilities

Payment Gateways

You integrate a payment gateway with your account only once. Easy setup plus easy purchase options equals easy profit.

Product List

Adding products in Landingi

Prepare your product catalog – add products or services, name them and set the price in one of the many available currencies.

Orders and statuses

Head to the Orders tab to check the buyer’s e-mail, date of purchase and payment status. You can assign the current status of the order yourself.


Build your product or service page from scratch or browse hundreds of e-commerce templates designed for different industries.

What Would You Like to Sell?


Give your writings a chance to become a bestseller


Sell your knowledge and expertise


Promote events and sell tickets

Integrate with external e-commerce apps and solutions

Sell your products and services with safe and secure PayPal payments via the buy widget.
The PayU widget enables the users to pay for products and services on landing pages via a safe and secure payment gateway.
Drag and drop the Stripe widget and sell products and services on your landing page via Stripe payment gateway.
Shopify Buy Button
Choose the product from your Shopify store and send it on your landing page with the buy button.
Automate personalized e-commerce promotions like coupons, discounts, referral, and loyalty programs.
A customizable platform for building your own online store.
A system for booking appointments with specialists from the beauty, wellness, and medical industry.
Rent out your space to people who are looking for accommodations in specific locales.

How to turn visitors into customers?

Countdown timer in Landingi


Create a sense of urgency with the countdown timer widget and limited-time offers. This can prompt visitors to act immediately rather than delaying their decision.

Social Proof

Use section templates and include reviews from customers. Seeing that others have benefited from your offer builds trust, making visitors more likely to convert.

Popups in Landingi


Set triggers and display popups to create more touchpoints within the visitor’s journey, offering tailored interactions that can convert passing interest into genuine leads and sales.

Chat integrations in Landingi


Add chats so that the potential buyers can reach out to you. Use it for real-time customer support and personalized shopping assistance, enhancing customer satisfaction.

By understanding where users engage most and where they encounter obstacles, you can optimize the user experience, reduce cart abandonment, and tailor your content to boost engagement and sales.

EventTracker for Ecommerce

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