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Home Music Landing Page: Definition, How to Create & 6 Examples

Music Landing Page: Definition, How to Create & 6 Examples

Music landing pages act as pivotal marketing tools for artists and music businesses, designed to drive specific actions from visitors. See the best examples to understand what makes them effective and get ideas to design your own successful page.

A music landing page serves as the digital stage for artists, bands, venues, and music-related events or apps, aiming to captivate audiences with a single, focused goal, such as promoting a new album release, selling concert tickets, gathering fan club sign-ups, or increasing downloads and streams.

In the dynamic and fiercely competitive realm of music, the effectiveness of a landing page can determine whether fans engage further or simply move on. Leveraging insights from industry leaders, this article strikes a chord on the essential elements that allow music landing pages to truly harmonize, blending the theoretical principles with practical advice for building a page that connects deeply with fans and turns casual listeners into loyal followers.

Set off exploring the best examples of music landing pages that perfectly resonate with their intended audience. Uncover successful digital marketing strategies in the music sector, and master your skills of guiding a visitor’s journey from their first spark of interest to enthusiastic involvement. To prepare the groundwork, we reveal 4 essential tactics for designing a music landing page that highlights your distinctive musical identity, broadens your audience, and enhances fan interaction:

  • Employ visually appealing design elements,
  • Ensure a smooth and intuitive navigation,
  • Incorporate multimedia elements,
  • Design prominent and persuasive CTA buttons.

Read further and meet the best music landing page examples to learn what puts these web pages beyond the competition, check the powerful music landing page templates, and get inspired to create one of the best landing pages in the music industry.

  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. Aurora Music
  3. Becky G
  4. Apple Music
  5. Pickup Music
  6. Dua Lipa – Preorder

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What Is a Music Landing Page?

A music landing page is a dedicated page that promotes music-related content, such as album releases, concert tickets, merchandise sales, fan club memberships, or music app downloads. It’s a strategic tool artists, bands, and music promoters use to focus a visitor’s attention on one key action, driving them towards purchasing, signing up for updates, engaging with multimedia content, or using a music app.

Unlike regular websites that may contain a wide array of information and links, a music landing page is streamlined and focused, providing a clear and direct path for fans to follow. This focused approach helps enhance marketing campaigns’ effectiveness by reducing distractions and concentrating on converting interest into action.

The design and content of a music landing page are tailored to reflect the musician’s brand, event type, or music app values and the specific campaign’s goals, using compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and multimedia elements to captivate and engage the audience, ultimately encouraging them to take the desired action.

How Do I Create a Music Landing Page?

To create a landing page for the music industry, define your goal, match content to your target audience, design the page for impact, set a strong CTA, and don’t forget about regular optimization. While creating a music landing page, focus on the main purpose: it has to captivate and convert. To ensure your page hits the high notes, follow the 6-step guide:

1. Define your goal

Firstly, define your goal – clarify the main objective of your landing page. This could be promoting a new album release, increasing ticket sales for a concert, growing your mailing list, or increasing app downloads. A clear goal will guide all landing page design and content elements.

2. Know your audience

Secondly, know your audience – understand who they are and what they seek in your brand. Tailoring your landing page to resonate with your audience’s preferences and needs will make it more effective in engaging them.

3. Design for impact

Thirdly, design your landing page for impact – use a visually appealing design that aligns with your app, music genre, or artist brand, depending on your landing page offer. Incorporate high-quality images, videos, and audio samples that give visitors a taste of the music experience. Ensure the design is responsive for a seamless UX on any device.

4. Craft compelling content

Fourthly, craft compelling content – write engaging, concise text sections that communicate your message clearly. Include a compelling headline, a brief description of your offer (like a new album or concert details), and a clear, irresistible CTA that stands out and directs visitors toward your goal.

5. Optimize for conversion

Fifthly, optimize your landing page for conversion – place your CTA in a prominent position and make sure it’s clear what action you want visitors to take. Add testimonials, reviews, or social proof to build trust and credibility. Consider using a lead capture form to collect email addresses or other information from interested visitors.

6. Test and refine

Sixthly, test and refine your landing page regularly – monitor its performance through analytics to see how visitors interact with it. Run A/B tests to try different elements (like headlines, images, or CTA placement) to see what works best and continually refine your page for better results.

Following these steps, you can create a music landing page that effectively promotes your music, event, app, or music-related offer, engages your audience, and helps achieve your marketing goals.

6 Best Examples of Music Landing Pages

Meet the 6 best examples of music landing pages that convert. Inspire yourself with stunning designs, uncover key elements that increase conversion rates, and learn how to create and optimize a landing page for the best results. Find a way you want to craft your page and gather ready-to-use key takeaways from the best real-life industry examples showcased below.

1. Ed Sheeran

The Ed Sheeran landing page promotes a new concert tour and attracts visitors with its compelling visuals that capture the musician’s essence and the vibe of his tour. The page includes high-quality photos and a background video from previous performances. The overall design is clean and user-friendly, ensuring that the visuals do not overwhelm the page’s content or make it difficult to navigate.

music marketing campaign landing page

A clear and compelling call-to-action button is prominently placed in the hero section, directing visitors to purchase. Its interactive animated design makes the button outstanding. The page also includes a newsletter signup form and a list of concerts with dates, places, and alternative CTAs, allowing visitors to buy specific tickets.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Stunning yet intuitive layout,
  • High-quality visuals and videos,
  • Minimal but informative written content,
  • Outstanding CTA button,
  • Simple signup form.

Improvement areas:

  • Loading speed – although the page is visually attractive and includes all key elements, its loading speed could be optimized for better results to reduce bounce rates.

Choose an Event Launch template from the Landingi gallery and customize it effortlessly with the user-friendly editor to achieve the best results for your music landing page!

coming soon landing page templates

2. Aurora Music

The Aurora Music landing page promotes the unique musician style and encourages visitors to listen to the artist’s music across various music apps. The page hits visitors with a stunning background picture, catchy headlines, and an outstanding CTA button, encouraging them to listen to a new song. The sticky navigation bar includes social media and streaming platform buttons, allowing fans to follow the artist’s channels.

music landing page website music marketing

The page includes embedded music videos and musical pieces, showcasing the musician’s portfolio and allowing visitors to dive into the artist’s world right on the page. It also promotes the concert tour with a list of upcoming events and alternative CTA buttons, allowing fans to buy tickets.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Attractive, clear layout,
  • Outstanding CTA button,
  • High-quality visuals,
  • Minimal written content,
  • Music videos and Spotify tiles,
  • Concert event list with alternative purchasing CTAs.

Improvement areas:

  • Social proof – adding social proof elements, like past concert videos or new album ratings, would boost engagement and build the musician’s brand strength, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

To promote your music brand and drive high sales on your converts, create a landing page with the Concert template available in the Landingi platform – customization takes minutes, thanks to its pixel-perfect builder.

music landing page templates

3. Becky G

The Becky G landing page is a perfect example of how to turn a casual page into a high-converting, powerful digital marketing tool. The page includes high-quality pictures and visuals of album covers, engaging visitors with the musician’s style and encouraging them to complete the desired action.

artist landing page music industry

As the page’s layout is clear, the single focus is highlighted – fans can find an album and go directly to the list of apps that allow them to listen to their favorite songs. CTA buttons are clear, well-matched to the page’s design and encouraging with their straightforward messaging. Lack of written content is a great choice, as nothing distracts visitors from completing call-to-action.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Responsive design,
  • High-quality visuals,
  • No written content,
  • Straightforward CTAs.

Improvement areas:

  • Video – the page could include a background video or music videos to enhance visitors’ engagement and drive higher conversion rates.

Run your music marketing campaign with a Concert Tickets template designed to maximize conversions. Customize it with the Landingi editor and regularly optimize it for the best results.

Concert tickets landing page template

4. Apple Music

The Apple Music landing page can inspire you to create a music app promotion page. It includes bold headlines and high-quality visuals, encouraging visitors to complete the call-to-action and sign up for a free trial. A clear layout with strategic white space directs attention to the outstanding CTA button with straightforward messaging.

music landing page templates for streaming platforms

The page also includes informative, short content sections with features and benefits. Clear pricing allows potential app users to choose the plan that fits their needs. Adding an impressive number of songs and playlists impacts the visitor’s decision-making process. A FAQ section with additional information at the bottom dispel doubts.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Responsive design,
  • Attractive visuals and animations,
  • Persuasive, well-written content,
  • Clear pricing and plan comparison table,
  • Benefit section,
  • Outstanding CTA button.

Improvement areas:

  • Videos – the page could include some videos, for instance, showcasing the ease of use or a wide range of available songs, to increase fans’ engagement and drive higher conversion.

Your Music App template is a great choice for crafting high-converting music app landing pages – it’s designed to bring great marketing campaign results, so your only effort is to customize it with a user-friendly Landingi editor to start your app promotion.

music landing page templates

5. Pickup Music

The Pickup Music landing page was created to promote a music service – a guitar learning course app for all-level guitarists. Although the page seems lengthy, its clear, mobile-friendly layout ensures intuitive navigation, directing visitor’s focus on the outstanding, personalized CTA button. High-quality visuals and videos engage guitar enthusiasts to register for a free trial.

music service guitar learning course platforms

The page also includes testimonials and attractive videos from students, samples of courses, and a “How it works” section. The page highlights a 60-day money-back guarantee that is the ultimate offer affecting unconvinced users’ decision-making. The FAQ section at the bottom delivers additional information, keeping the page’s design clear.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Intuitive layout,
  • Compelling headlines,
  • Strong CTA,
  • Immersive visuals,
  • Informative content,
  • “How it works” section,
  • Video testimonials from users,
  • FAQ section.

Improvement areas:

  • Loading speed – the page should load faster to ensure a seamless user experience and prevent high bounce rates, especially on mobile devices.

Choose the Video Course template from Landingi’s template gallery, show your app with all features and benefits, and attract users to complete your CTA – high-converting landing pages are within your reach.

music landing page templates

6. Dua Lipa – Preorder

The preorder landing page for Dua Lipa’s new album is an excellent example of a minimal splash landing page that converts. Its clear layout without extensive content captures fans’ attention on the primary call-to-action, encouraging them to take action and pre-order the new album.

music marketing campaigns preorder landing page

The page includes a bold headline with the new album’s release day and an attractive, high-quality picture that serves as a background and hero image at the same time. Outstanding CTA buttons are placed strategically in the top-right corner, giving visitors alternative options to pre-order a new album or enter the website. The page is short, which works best for high conversions.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Simple yet attractive design,
  • Bold headlines,
  • Album release day information,
  • Immersive visuals,
  • No written content,
  • Alternative, outstanding CTAs.

Improvement areas:

  • Video or music sample – the page could feature a video, for instance, a background one, or a music sample to engage visitors more and encourage them to complete the desired action.

3 Music Landing Page Best Practices

To craft an ideal music landing page, adopt the top 3 best practices that enable you to capture leads, immerse visitors in your musical universe, and achieve higher conversion rates. These strategies are meticulously formulated to enhance your landing page’s efficacy, converting casual visitors into dedicated leads or purchasers.

#1 Use engaging multimedia content

The first best practice for a music landing page is to use engaging multimedia content. These can be videos, audio samples, and high-quality images to showcase your music and personality. This helps engage visitors and gives them a taste of what to expect, making them more likely to convert.

Take a look at the example below:

music marketing landing page video play

Embed music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, or samples from your latest tracks to keep potential fans interested and engaged. When you use a landing page to promote a concert tour, add videos from previous events, and if your music landing page has to promote the music app or other music-related things, use video testimonials or short videos showcasing its usability.

90% of visitors prefer to watch a short video instead of reading written content, and adding a video to your landing page can increase conversion by even 86%, according to KlientBoost statistics.

It leaves no doubts – a video on your music landing page is the gateway to achieving high conversions.

#2 Implement social media and streaming platform buttons

The second best practice for a music landing page is to implement social media and streaming platform buttons. SM buttons are the easiest way to capture new followers or allow visitors to gather more information about the musician, the app or courses, events, and other music-related stuff you promote on your landing page. It’s also a good way to encourage them to join the fan society.

Take a look at the example below:

music marketing landing page inspiration

A button or a link leading to streaming platforms on musicians’ landing pages brings more streams and is one of the best methods to promote new albums or single tracks.

#3 Make the CTA irresistible

The third best practice for a music landing page is to make the CTA irresistible. Direct and compelling CTAs are crucial for guiding users toward the action you want them to take, whether signing up for a newsletter, streaming a new album, or purchasing concert tickets. Your CTAs should be outstanding with their design, so use contrast colors or effects like highlighting or blinking.

Take a look at the example below:

no brainer CTA music landing page example

Place CTA buttons in strategic sections to catch the eye and encourage clicks – they should be visible in a hero section and repeated at the bottom of your page. Ensure the language is clear, concise, and action-oriented, effectively communicating the value of what you’re offering.

#4 Include a list of concert events with alternative CTAs

The fourth best practice for a music landing page is to include a list of concert events with alternative CTAs allowing visitors to buy tickets. It’s one of the best methods to promote concert tours, encourage fans to participate in your events, and boost sales.

Take a look at the example below:

music marketing tour landing page

It can be a simple table with a date, location, and concert name, but to turn simple tables into powerful music campaign tools, add social media sharing buttons that allow visitors to spread the message about your events. The table should also involve alternative CTA buttons, leading to ticket-purchasing platforms – it facilitates the user path to convert.

#5 Use pre-order buttons and newsletter signup forms

The fifth best practice for a music landing page is to use pre-order buttons and newsletter sign-up forms. Promote the new album release day with a pre-order CTA, leading to physical product purchases or music app pre-add options to engage your fans in the upcoming products and make your music marketing campaigns effective.

Take a look at the example below:

landing page campaign for more streams

Newsletter sign-up forms are proven lead-generation tools – on music landing pages, they can play a crucial role in gathering fans’ e-mail addresses for further marketing campaigns. When implementing a form, remember to keep it simple, without personal data requirements. Ask only for an e-mail address, offer something valuable, such as exclusive content or ticket discounts, and make it visually appealing to encourage visitors to complete it.

How Can I Optimize My Music Landing Page for Higher Conversion Rates?

To optimize your music landing page for higher conversion rates, focus on the page’s design balance, SEO principles, page load speed, and continuous testing that brings fresh insights, allowing you to tailor the page for new trends and visitors’ expectations. Learn the following 7 optimization tips and find a way to leverage conversions:

1. Streamline the design

Firstly, streamline the design. Ensure your landing page is visually appealing and resonates with your musical brand. The design should be clean and uncluttered, focusing the visitor’s attention on the most important elements, like your CTA buttons. Use the white space to highlight your page’s important elements, and don’t let the content overwhelm visitors.

2. Improve page load speed

Secondly, improve page load speed. A slow-loading page can drive away potential fans. Optimize images, streamline code, and consider a content delivery network (CDN) to enhance your page’s loading speed across the globe.

Improving your page’s loading time from 5 seconds to just 1 second can potentially triple your conversion rates, according to HigherVisibility reports – if your page loads quickly, the bounce rates are lower.

3. Optimize for mobile

Thirdly, optimize your music landing page for mobile devices. Ensure your landing page is responsive and looks great on all screen sizes. Test the mobile experience to be sure it’s as user-friendly as the desktop version. Remember that a mere of your page visitors come from mobile traffic, so it’s an important step of the CRO process.

In the United States, approximately 63% of organic search visits originate from mobile devices, according to HigherVisibility statistics. This means that mobile optimization is a must if you want to achieve high conversion rates.

5. Make CTAs irresistible

Fifthly, make CTAs on your music landing page irresistible. The CTA button should stand out and tell visitors exactly what you want them to do. Use contrasting colors and actionable language. Consider placing your CTA above and below the fold to catch users’ attention regardless of how they interact with your page.

6. Utilize SEO techniques

Sixthly, utilize SEO techniques. Optimize your landing page with relevant keywords related to your music, genre, or campaign. This includes meta titles, descriptions, and content that can help your page rank higher in search engine results, attracting organic traffic.

7. Test and iterate

Seventhly, regularly test and refine your landing page. Use A/B testing to experiment with different elements on your page, such as headlines, CTAs, images, and layout. Analyze performance data to understand what works best and make informed decisions to improve your landing page’s conversion rate continually.

By making data-based optimizations, bearing in mind that your page should look ideally on all screen sizes and deliver a seamless experience for both desktop and mobile users, you can optimize your music landing page to captivate more fans, increase engagement, and boost your overall conversion rates.

What Are the Key Elements of an Effective Music Landing Page?

An effective music landing page harmonizes key elements, like headlines, high-quality visuals, music samples, music videos, event or release day information, social proof, and well-crafted written content, to capture visitors’ attention and lead them toward the desired action. Meet the 9 essential elements of music landing pages and implement them to achieve the best results:

#1 Engaging headline

The first key element of an effective music landing page is a compelling and clear headline that immediately communicates the value or essence of your music, event, or offer. It should capture the visitor’s interest right from the start, align with your campaign’s goals, and encourage the visitor to gather more information about the artist, event, or offer.

#2 High-quality visuals

The second key element of an effective music landing page is its visual side – eye-catching images or videos that represent your music or brand. This could include album covers, promotional photos, or snippets from music videos. Visuals play a crucial role in creating an emotional connection with fans.

#3 Clear CTA

The third key element of an effective music landing page is a clear CTA button. It should be prominent and persuasive to guide visitors to take a specific action. The messaging of your CTA button should be straightforward yet personalized, indicating urgency, like “Get your ticket now”. CTAs on landing pages, regardless of industry, have to be obvious and placed strategically throughout the page.

#4 Audio samples

The fourth key element of an effective music landing page is an audio sample. Embed music videos, tracks, or snippets that can be played directly on the landing page. Artist campaigns that promote new albums or tours, have to give fans a taste of the new tracks. Adding free audio samples of a song or album can significantly increase engagement and conversion.

#5 Video content

The fifth key element of an effective music landing page is video content. Depending on your landing page’s purpose, it can be a short video with your app features, a background video from past events, video testimonials, or a music video. A person who visits your page will engage more with video content than traditional text sections, so adding a video can radically boost conversions.

#6 Social proof

The sixth key element of an effective music landing page is social proof. Testimonials, reviews, or endorsements from fans, critics, or business professionals can build credibility and trust. Social proof encourages visitors to engage with your offer, believing in its quality and appeal.

#7 User-friendly design

The seventh key element of an effective music landing page is a user-friendly design. Your page should be easy to navigate, with a clean layout that directs attention to the most important elements. It should also be responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on any device.

#8 Event or release information

The eighth key element of an effective music landing page is an event or release day information. For landing pages promoting concerts, tours, or album releases, include clear and concise details about the event or release. Dates, locations, and how to purchase or participate should be prominently displayed. It simplifies fans’ paths, affecting the decision-making process, and adding alternative CTAs enables purchasing tickets or music albums from your landing page.

#9 Sign-up form or subscription option

The ninth key element of an effective music landing page is a sign-up form or subscription option. It can help build your fanbase and facilitate direct communication with your audience. Keep the form simple, ask only for an e-mail address, and offer something valuable in exchange for user data to achieve higher conversion rates.

Combining these 9 key elements, you can create a music landing page that showcases your art, music-related service, event, or offer and effectively converts visitors into fans, subscribers, and customers.

What Is the Best Music Landing Page Builder?

The best music landing page builder is Landingi, a platform that combines an intuitive landing page builder with side features, allowing users to track page visitor’s behavior, scan conversion reports, run A/B tests, and easily implement optimizations. Recognized for its user-friendly design capabilities and comprehensive digital marketing toolkit, Landingi stands out as the optimal choice for both novices and seasoned marketing professionals alike.

Creating music landing pages with Landingi is a seamless experience, beginning with the selection of music landing page templates from the extensive library. Each template is engineered for maximum conversion potential, requiring only your creative touch in customization and content completion to align with your conversion objectives. The AI Assistance feature allows you to create compelling content that engages visitors and align SEO principles in minutes.

However, crafting your landing page is merely the starting point. Landingi equips you with robust features like A/B Testing, EventTracker, and AI Assistance + SEO, transforming a basic landing page into a powerful tool in your digital marketing resources. The emphasis on regular optimization is pivotal, and Landingi delivers all essential tools, ensuring you can achieve outstanding results with minimal effort.

Utilizing the A/B Testing tool allows experimentation with different iterations of your music landing page to find the most effective version. The EventTracker functionality enables you to monitor user interactions and collect valuable data within a unified dashboard for ongoing optimization efforts. Additional functionalities, such as AI Assistance, forms, popups, and widgets, are designed to enhance your page’s visibility on search engines, meet user expectations, and escalate lead generation for your campaigns. Over 170 integrations, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, and payment apps, allow you to use your music landing page as an influential marketing campaign element.

Landingi’s platform is cost-effective and ideal for individuals. Still, it has advanced capabilities that substantially support marketers and agencies in executing sophisticated digital marketing strategies, making it the top choice among professional landing page builders for the music industry.

Build Music Landing Page in Landingi

In the vibrant world of music marketing, a well-crafted landing page is a digital space that connects artists and bands with their fans and audience, a great selling point for music-related industries, and a great promoting machine for music apps. Regardless of its purpose, your music landing page should perfectly balance visual attractiveness with usability, delivering your target audience a value that leads them to complete the desired action.

With the right tools and insights, transforming a casual music page into a dynamic music landing page becomes a reachable goal. Begin shaping your music landing page today – explore the Landingi platform and elevate a standard page into a compelling digital space that captivates your audience and heightens conversions.

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