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Home Download White Paper Landing Page Examples: 5 Ideas

Download White Paper Landing Page Examples: 5 Ideas

A white paper landing page is specifically designed to promote and capture leads for a detailed, informative document. Learn how to create an effective page of this type by exploring key elements and identifying success triggers based on real examples.

Creating a white paper landing page that effectively generates leads can be challenging. This article closely examines the best white paper landing page examples, breaking down the key components that drive their success. Learn what is essential on a white paper landing page and use the proven methods to drive high conversions.

Start your journey by gaining 5 tips on how to create your high-converting white paper landing page:

  • Set your objective and target audience.
  • Highlight unique value proposition.
  • Use the short download form and clear yet unique CTA button.
  • Include attractive visuals.
  • Ensure mobile responsiveness.

Check out the best white paper landing page examples and scroll down to get important insights. By the end, you’ll have clear conclusions into crafting your landing page for better lead conversion, informed by real-world examples.

White Paper Landing Page Examples explored below include those by the following companies:

  1. Business of Fashion
  2. Restore
  3. La Devanture
  4. Arena CAD
  5. ISS UK & Ireland

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What Is a White Paper Landing Page?

A white paper landing page is a dedicated space that promotes a particular white paper. It’s a one-page stop designed to provide a snapshot of the white papers content while enticing visitors to download the full version. These pages are unique in that they exist independently of your website’s navigation, focusing solely on the promotion of your white paper.

White papers contain comprehensive, research-backed content. They are seen as a valuable way of generating leads and establishing the company as an authority in its field. A white paper landing page, therefore, plays a crucial role in this process by providing a platform for visitors to access this valuable content. In the context of creating white papers, the white paper landing page is an essential component for successful lead generation and brand positioning.

But it’s more than just a launchpad for your white paper download. A well-crafted white paper landing page acts as a lead generation tool. It captures visitor information, usually in exchange for the white paper, turning a curious visitor into a potential lead. The white paper content, therefore, needs to be compelling enough to warrant this exchange, making the landing page the first crucial step in the lead generation process.

What Are the Key Elements of an Effective White Paper Landing Page?

The key elements of an effective white paper landing page are harmoniously blended to generate leads effectively. Creating a white paper landing page must adhere to principles of clarity and intuitiveness, as it’s a critical component in the realm of professional and educational content marketing. It employs the 10 essential elements:

1. Engaging headline

The headline captures attention and clearly conveys the white paper’s topic, acting as a lighthouse, drawing in the reader’s interest and spotlighting the subject of the white paper. It’s the hook that reels in professionals and enthusiasts alike, promising them valuable insights and knowledge. An effective headline is often the difference between a visitor skimming past or stopping to take action, making it a pivotal landing page element.

2. Concise description

A short description provides an overview of the white paper’s contents and benefits, succinctly presenting the core topics and key takeaways that the reader can expect to gain. This summary not only informs but also piques potential leads’ interest by highlighting the unique insights and valuable knowledge contained within the white paper, encouraging further engagement and the decision to download.

Enhancing your value proposition and incorporating elements that build trust can lead to an increase in conversion rates, potentially by 60% or more, as stated in WP Forms’ latest statistics.

3. Strong CTA

Prominently displayed CTA encourages visitors to download. Picture this: the call to action isn’t just a button; it’s your virtual salesperson working tirelessly to convert interest into action. It should be positioned in such a way that it becomes the natural next step for visitors who have been engaged by the compelling content and are now ready to commit to reading the full white paper. It guides users towards the ultimate goal of the landing page: the valuable exchange of their contact information for the insight-packed white paper that awaits them.

4. Lead capture form

The form collects essential information without being overly intrusive, yet it should be designed to be smartly positioned and visually appealing to encourage user interaction. The form must be streamlined to request only the most critical details, such as name and email address, ensuring a frictionless user experience.

Did you know that eliminating even a single field from a form can lead to an increase in form conversions, potentially up to 26%? Trust experts – WP Forms, stating these statistics, recommend creating short forms.

5. Visual Elements

Relevant images or graphics complement the content, enhancing visual appeal and supporting the textual information presented. By incorporating visual elements directly related to your white paper’s key points, you can create a more engaging experience for visitors. They can help break up large blocks of text, making your landing page more digestible and attractive to visual learners.

6. Credibility indicators

By highlighting the experience and qualifications of the authors, or the awards and testimonials that the company has received, visitors are more likely to view the white paper as a credible and valuable resource. Endorsements from well-known figures or organizations within the industry can further elevate the perceived value of the white paper, making it more enticing for visitors to download and read.

7. Testimonials or reviews

Incorporating testimonials or reviews on your white paper landing page can significantly enhance credibility and foster trust with potential leads. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate your white paper’s impact and encourage visitors to become part of your success story.

8. Responsive Design

Responsive design ensures usability across various devices and screen sizes, adapting the layout and functionality to provide an optimal experience whether the user is on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. In today’s mobile-first world, this is not just an enhancement; it’s an essential feature for any successful white paper landing page.

Implementing a responsive design for websites can lead to a significant uplift in conversions on mobile devices, potentially increasing them by up to 30%, as said by Neil Patel, digital marketing expert.

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How Do I Create a White Paper Landing Page?

To create a landing page for your white paper, follow the 7-step guide:

  1. Define the objective
    Identify the main goal of the white paper and the target audience. Determine what you want to achieve with the white paper and know what the white paper is for. By clearly defining the objective and understanding the target audience, you can create a white paper that is both relevant and engaging, increasing its chances of success.
  2. Design the page
    Ensure a professional and clean design that aligns with your brand’s identity. The page layout should be intuitive, with a clear path for users to follow, leading them towards the download CTA.
  3. Create engaging content
    Write a compelling headline and a concise summary of the white paper’s value. Once the audience is identified, tailor the white paper’s content to address their specific interests, challenges, and pain points. This ensures that the white paper resonates with its intended readers.
  4. Include a strong CTA
    Add a clear call-to-action that encourages downloads. Crafting this CTA with precision and care is essential, as it can significantly influence the decision-making process of your visitors, nudging them closer to becoming not just leads but engaged and informed participants in the discourse your white paper initiates.
  5. Add a lead capture form
    Incorporate a form to gather visitor information, keeping it simple. Make it clear what the user gains in return for providing their information, such as valuable insights from the white paper. A good practice is to include a brief note on privacy, reassuring users that their data is safe and will be used responsibly.
  6. Incorporate Visuals
    Use relevant images or graphics to enhance attractiveness – these visuals are an important part of building engagement. Consider adding video content, as it’s the best way to wake interest and boost conversions.
  7. Build Credibility
    Add author credentials, testimonials, or social proof. Thanks to them, you can achieve better conversion results and build your brand’s position in the field, expanding in a broader audience.

To achieve the best results, don’t forget about the following:

  • Optimize for SEO – use relevant keywords for better online visibility.
  • Ensure Responsiveness – make sure the page is accessible across different devices.
  • Test and Optimize – regularly perform A/B testing and use analytics to refine the page for better performance.

Choose the proper tool, like the Landingi platform, to craft a white paper landing page effortlessly. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor allows for seamless template customization. Thanks to the checklist, you won’t forget about essential elements affecting higher conversions. The AI Assistance helps create well-matched content and simplifies SEO optimization. Thanks to the built-in side tools, you can effectively conduct A/B tests, and measure your experiments’ efficiency within EventTracker, allowing you to track user behavior.

Best tip to enhance your landing page: Create a sense of urgency with dynamic countdown timers – you can find them in Landingi – the best landing page builder.

5 Examples of White Paper Landing Pages

The 5 examples of white paper landing pages will help you visualize the concepts weve discussed. Each of these pages showcases various design and content strategies that make them effective in generating leads and promoting their respective white papers.

1. Business of Fashion

The white paper landing page of Business of Fashion offers insights on applying generative artificial intelligence in the fashion industry. The page captures visitor information through a short opt-in form, which potential customers fill out before accessing the white paper. Moreover, the page layout is meticulously designed to ensure that the sign-up button is both prominent and inviting.

The choice of colors, fonts, and images reflects the forward-thinking nature of the white paper’s subject matter while also aligning with the sophisticated aesthetic of the fashion industry. The strategic design aims to create a seamless user experience that guides visitors through the journey from initial curiosity to the decision to download the white paper, facilitating a higher conversion rate.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Clean, professional look – aligns with its target audience
  • High-quality images – enhance the visual appeal
  • Consistent color scheme – makes the page eye-catching and engaging
  • Outstanding CTA button – leads to download form

Improvement areas:

  • Enhancing user interactivity – interactive elements could engage users more, providing an immersive experience. By allowing users to interact with content before downloading the white paper, the page can create a stronger connection and potentially increase the likelihood of conversion.
  • Strengthening mobile user experience – improving the mobile experience can lead to better engagement and higher conversion rates from mobile users.

Check out the Landingi template gallery and choose the pattern to create your own download white paper landing page – with its drag-and-drop editor, it takes minutes!

2. Restore

The white paper landing page for Optimising Patient Records by Restore focuses on enhancing data storage for improved patient care. The page design is simple, with the main focus being the download button. The layout highlights the ease of accessing the white paper with a straightforward CTA. This approach aligns with the company’s dedication to efficient and user-friendly solutions in data management for healthcar

The page avoids using a form, reducing the friction for visitors and increasing the likelihood of conversions. The page also includes a testimonial from an industry professional, reinforcing the practical benefits of their services. A clear headline that succinctly communicates the white paper’s value proposition further entices visitors to download the content.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Simple and direct approach – avoiding a complex form for white paper access
  • Prominent download option – makes accessing the white paper straightforward and user-friendly
  • Testimonial inclusion – emphasizes real-world application and trust.
  • Focus on efficiency – aligns with Restore’s ethos of efficient data management solutions in healthcare
  • Intuitiveness – simplicity minimizes distractions and allows visitors to focus on the main goal – downloading the white paper

Improvement areas:

  • Enhanced visual elements – while the page is straightforward, incorporating more engaging visuals or graphics related to patient record optimization could enhance its appeal and better convey the content’s significance.
  • More detailed preview – providing a brief preview or summary of the white paper’s key points on the landing page could help visitors understand its value and relevance more clearly before downloading.

Use the form to gather user data for further marketing campaigns – the conversion rate is high if the form isn’t complex and keeps the form fields to a minimum. Try out one of the Landingi templates and promote your white papers efficiently!

3. La Devanture

La Devanture’s white paper landing page takes a different approach. It promotes a white paper on retail store design and customer experience, focusing heavily on visual attractiveness. The page is packed with high-quality images and design elements that immediately catch the visitor’s eye and provide a flash into the content of the white paper.

At first glance, the page seems simple, but it is strategically designed to guide the visitor’s journey through the sales funnel. As soon as a visitor completes the download form, they are immediately presented with the white paper download, creating a seamless transition from interest to download.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Focused theme – aligning well with the target audience interested in retail and temporary store formats
  • Engaging visuals – enhance the appeal and convey the topic effectively
  • Intuitive design – delivering a user-friendly interface with clear navigation options and a straightforward layout
  • Prominent download section – the download form is easily accessible, encouraging visitor engagement and white paper downloads.

Improvement areas:

  • Enhanced content description – adding a more detailed summary or preview of the white paper’s contents could better inform visitors about what they can expect to learn, increasing the likelihood of downloads.
  • Inclusion of testimonials – it could add credibility and practical insights, making the white paper more compelling.

Use pop-ups on your webpage to promote white paper – with Landingi, you can create effective, high-converting pop-ups effortlessly within its user-friendly landing page builder.

4. Arena CAD

The white paper download page by ArenaCAD effectively presents a guide on leveraging 3D modeling in construction. The page is designed to attract project managers and senior engineers, emphasizing how the white paper can help them stay ahead in the industry. It details the contents, such as emerging trends and digital transformation in construction, and provides a simple form for downloading.

The layout and content are tailored to project management professionals, focusing on advancing skills and knowledge in 3D construction methodologies. The design elements on the page are minimal, which helps to keep the visitor’s attention on the content. A headline that immediately communicates the value proposition of the white paper, enticing visitors to learn more. The CTA button completes the short download form, which asks only for necessary information. This approach reduces friction and makes it easier for visitors to download the white paper, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Targeted professional design – aligns with its audience of project managers and construction engineers
  • Informative content layout – provides a clear presentation of the white paper’s relevance to 3D modeling in construction
  • Streamlined download process – short form makes it easy and quick for visitors to access the white paper
  • Relevant visual elements – to enhance visual attractiveness and context

Improvement areas:

  • Testimonials or case studies – adding testimonials from industry experts or case studies highlighting the successful application of 3D modeling in construction projects could bolster credibility and entice more downloads.

Use one of the Landingi templates and generate leads efficiently by promoting your white papers. Implement the white paper cover’s visual, use a clear form, implement an outstanding CTA button, and measure results with the built-in EventTracker tool!

5. ISS UK & Ireland

The Rising Above The Noise white paper webpage by ISS focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the built office environment. It targets C-suite executives and directors, offering insights for strategic planning in areas like energy, sustainability, workplace experience, and information security. The webpage features a form for downloading the report and highlights the expertise of the author, Inma Martinez, a recognized thought leader in AI.

The design and content are tailored to appeal to leaders making crucial business decisions in a technology-driven landscape. Their landing page includes video content, which boosts users’ engagement and improves conversions. One of the essential elements is also the author’s note, which builds trust among visitors.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  1. Clean and professional layout – aligns well with its intended audience of C-suite executives and directors.
  2. Video content – boosts visitor’s engagement
  3. Author note – a trust-building element that increases credibility
  4. Clear call-to-action – a prominent CTA button for downloading the white paper

Improvement areas:

  • More detailed content preview – providing a more comprehensive preview can help visitors understand the depth and scope of the insights offered, potentially increasing their interest in downloading the document.

Choose the perfect pattern from the Landingi template gallery and create your own high-converting white paper download website with its user-friendly landing page builder. Don’t forget about trust-building elements – an author’s note increases credibility, leading to higher conversions.

3 White Paper Landing Page Best Practices

After analyzing the components of successful white paper landing page examples, look at the 3 best practices that will help you succeed in conversions. These practices are distilled from analyzing what works across various industries and can be applied to almost any white paper landing page to enhance its performance.

#1 Use bullet lists

Firstly, use the bullet points – they help organize information effectively, making your content easily digestible and potentially improving conversion rates. However, it’s important to keep bullet points short and simple, using straightforward language to ensure clarity.

Take a look at the example below:

Bullet lists can aid in the visitor’s cognitive processing by categorizing and prioritizing information, which can lead to better retention and understanding of the content. You can use bullet lists to highlight the benefits, breaking up large blocks of text – it affects intuitiveness and effectively draws attention to the most important information, ensuring that visitors don’t miss out on critical details that could influence their decision to download.

#2 Use visual elements

Secondly, incorporate images, charts, and graphs not only to enhance the visual attractiveness of the page but also to reinforce the content of the white paper. It’s also crucial to align these elements with the main message of the landing page, ensuring they support the overarching goal of converting visitors into leads or customers.

Take a look at the example below:

Visual elements can quickly communicate complex information that might take paragraphs to explain, such as statistics, workflows, or hierarchies. By presenting data in a visual format, you can help visitors grasp the white paper’s value at a glance, increasing their interest and engagement.

Additionally, using brand-consistent and high-quality imagery can create a professional and trustworthy atmosphere, further encouraging visitors to proceed with downloading the white paper. Remember, every visual should have a purpose and add to the narrative you’re creating on the landing page, guiding visitors toward the action you want them to take.

Implement video content – 90% of users prefer video content, and using videos on landing pages leads to increasing conversion rates by even 86%, according to KlientBoost’s statistics.

#3 Use the short form and clear CTA

Thirdly, use short form and unique CTAs in strategic page sections. It’s important to make this goal clear and visible, using strategic placement of CTA buttons and concise, compelling language that motivates visitors to take the desired action. Forms should be as brief as possible – requesting only essential information – to reduce user fatigue and prevent potential leads from abandoning the process.

Take a look at the example below:

When it comes to CTAs, uniqueness is key. Instead of using generic phrases like “Download”, tailor the language to align with the specific white paper or audience you’re aiming for. Ensure that the CTA buttons are of a contrasting color to stand out on the page, and consider testing different shapes and sizes to see what works best.

Use clear forms with a minimum of fields to deliver a seamless experience. Short forms increase conversions. Don’t forget about the visual side of your forms – they should align with general landing page design and positively affect brand visual identity building.

How Can I Optimize My White Paper Landing Page for Higher Conversion Rates?

To optimize a white paper landing page for higher conversion rates, focus on the following strategies:

  • Design and brand alignment
  • Engaging content
  • Strong call-to-action
  • Credibility

Ensure the landing page’s design is professional, aligns with your brand’s aesthetic, and uses high-quality images related to the white paper topic. Include a compelling headline, concise bullet lists, and short paragraphs. Clearly articulate the value of the white paper, and set the unique call-to-action button with straightforward messaging. Use testimonials and social proof to establish trust, and consider adding an author note to boost credibility.

A great layout with smooth design is not enough – to have real impact on improving conversions, you have to learn a few techniques:

  1. Improve page loading time – ensure that your landing page loads quickly. It should take less than three seconds to reduce bounce rates, as more than 50% of visitors abandon a site that takes longer to load.
  2. Keep consistency between the ad and landing page – the images and messaging in the ad should be consistent with those on the landing page.
  3. Remember about mobile responsiveness – critical information should be available within the first two viewports, CTA buttons should span the entire width of the mobile page, and the whole page should suit various screen sizes.
  4. Run A/B tests – experiment on different variants of your landing page to determine which one resonates best with your target audience and leads to higher conversions.

For creating an effective landing page, consider platforms like Landingi. Its offer involves a user-friendly landing page builder with a wide template gallery, and side features that allow for better optimization. You can conduct A/B tests effortlessly, track user behavior and micro conversions within the built-in EventTracker tool, and measure your page’s effectiveness within an intuitive dashboard. The Landingi platform also helps create practical forms and pop-ups for higher engagement and conversions.


White paper landing pages are an invaluable tool for businesses looking to generate high-quality leads. From understanding what a white paper landing page is to knowing how to create one and optimize it for higher conversion rates, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

By incorporating these key elements of an effective page:

  • compelling headline,
  • visual storytelling,
  • strategic placement of CTAs,
  • a clear value proposition,
  • social proof for credibility,
  • and a user-friendly form and navigation.

Adhering to best practices and learning from real-world examples, you’re now equipped to create a white paper landing page that captivates your audience and converts them into leads. Take an opportunity, and try out the best landing page builder – Landingi, to create your own high-converting white paper landing page. It’s free!

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