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Home HubSpot Marketing HUB Pricing Plans and Costs Analyzed In 2024

HubSpot Marketing HUB Pricing Plans and Costs Analyzed In 2024

Discover the latest on HubSpot Marketing HUB’s 2024 pricing, from free to enterprise tiers. This guide evaluates costs, features, and suitability for your business needs, ensuring an informed decision for your marketing investment.
HubSpot Marketing HUB pricing

This article provides an in-depth analysis of HubSpot Marketing HUB’s pricing plans for 2024, covering everything from the free tier to the enterprise level. It examines the value, advantages and disadvantages, features comparison, and extra expenses linked to each plan. This guide is designed to help you decide which HubSpot Marketing HUB plan best fits your business needs and budget, ensuring you’re well-informed about what you’re getting for your investment.

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How Much Does HubSpot Marketing HUB Cost?

The cost of HubSpot Marketing HUB can range from $0 to several thousand, varying from a freemium model to high-tiered plans designed for enterprises. Below, you can find more information about the monthly expenditure for these plans and assess whether the investment translates into significant value for businesses.

How much is HubSpot Marketing HUB per month?

HubSpot Marketing HUB’s monthly costs are structured around four main tiers: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter plan begins at $15 per month (paid upfront), the Professional plan starts at $800 per month (paid upfront), and the Enterprise plan starts at $3,600 per month. The Free plan costs nothing and is designed for businesses just beginning their marketing journey. 

Each HubSpot plan is structured to align with a business’s evolving needs. This involves the option to add more contacts or features, impacting the monthly expense. Such scalable pricing models offer businesses the flexibility to pay for only the services they require, with the option to scale up their marketing activities over time.

Here’s a breakdown of the monthly cost for HubSpot Marketing Hub based on plans, number of seats, and contacts:

  • Free: costs $0
    • free for up to 5 users
    • includes other free HubSpot tools and limited features
  • Starter: starts at $15 per month, paid upfront for annual commitment (or $20 when billed monthly)
    • includes 1 core seat and 1,000 marketing contacts
    • additional seats can be added at a cost of $15/mo/seat (or $20/mo/seat when monthly)
    • marketing contacts can be added in increments of 1,000 for $50/month
  • Professional: starts at $800 per month, paid upfront for annual commitment (or $890 when billed monthly)
    • includes 3 core seats and 2,000 marketing contacts
    • additional seats can be added at a cost of $45/mo/seat (or $50/mo/seat when monthly)
    • marketing contacts can be added in increments of 5,000 for $250/month
  • Enterprise: starts at $3,600 per month
    • includes 5 core seats and 10,000 marketing contacts
    • additional seats can be added at a cost of $75/mo/seat
    • marketing contacts can be added in increments of 10,000 for $100/month

Each plan can be expanded with Sales, Service, Content, and Operations Hub, as well as various add-ons.

Is HubSpot Marketing HUB worth the money?

Deciding if HubSpot Marketing HUB is worth the money hinges on several aspects, such as the unique requirements of a business, how large its pool of customers is, and how intricate its marketing efforts are. For small businesses and startups, the Free plan offers a no-cost way to leverage basic marketing tools, making it a great value. As businesses grow, the Starter and Professional plans provide more advanced tools and functionalities, which can enhance marketing efforts and justify the increased cost.

For large enterprises, the Enterprise plan offers a suite of advanced features, including extensive customization options, advanced analytics, and dedicated support. These features can be invaluable for complex, large-scale marketing operations. While the cost is substantial, the return on investment in terms of efficiency, data insights, and marketing impact can be significant.

HubSpot Marketing HUB Pricing Pros and Cons

Exploring the cost details of HubSpot Marketing HUB, you’ll find a range of options designed for different business needs. This part will break down the pros and cons of HubSpot Marketing HUB’s pricing to assist in figuring out if it’s the right choice for your business’s requirements and budget. Highlights include a generous free plan that offers several marketing tools at no cost, and the ability of its paid plans to scale, meaning businesses only pay for what they need. However, it’s important to note some downsides, such as the high cost of the most advanced features, especially in the Enterprise plan, and a level of complexity that may be too much for smaller businesses. By considering these important factors, you can make a well-informed decision about HubSpot Marketing HUB.


  • Comprehensive Free Plan: Offers a robust set of marketing tools at no cost.
  • Scalable Plans: Pricing tiers are designed to grow with your business needs.
  • All-in-One Platform: Integrates various marketing functionalities in one place.
  • Extensive Integrations: Compatible with a wide range of third-party applications.


  • High Costs for Advanced Features: Premium plans, especially the Enterprise plan, can be expensive.
  • Complexity for Small Businesses: The vast array of features may overwhelm smaller teams.
  • Limited Customization in Lower Tiers: Customization options are mostly reserved for higher-tier plans.

The pricing structure of HubSpot Marketing HUB is a double-edged sword; while it offers a comprehensive set of tools even at the free level, the cost and complexity of advanced features may deter smaller businesses. However, for organizations with the capacity to leverage its full suite of tools, HubSpot Marketing HUB presents a valuable investment.

HubSpot Marketing HUB Features

Before delving into the specifics of each pricing plan, it’s crucial to understand the key features HubSpot Marketing HUB offers. This overview will help in assessing which plan might best suit your business needs.

FormsEnables the creation of customizable forms for collecting visitor information. Forms can be used for lead generation, event registrations, and collecting feedback, with integration options for CRM and email systems.
Email MarketingFacilitates the sending of personalized email campaigns based on user data. Allows for audience segmentation and campaign automation, with built-in tools to assess email impact through analytics.
Ads ManagementManages ad campaigns across multiple platforms from a centralized interface. Supports targeted advertising and conversion tracking, with capabilities for adjusting campaigns based on analytics.
Marketing AutomationAutomates routine marketing tasks based on predefined rules and user actions. Helps streamline operations such as email dispatch, lead scoring, and content delivery, reducing manual efforts.
AnalyticsCollects and analyzes data related to marketing campaigns and customer interactions. Provides insights for refining marketing strategies and understanding customer behaviors, though deeper analysis is dependent on higher-tier plans.
Campaign ManagementOffers tools to plan, execute, and monitor various marketing campaigns. Supports coordination of multi-channel campaigns and budget management, with effectiveness tracking aligned with strategic goals.
Artificial IntelligenceEmploys AI to support content creation, enhance SEO, and personalize interactions. Offers content recommendations and marketing message tailoring, though advanced AI functionalities are more prevalent in higher plans.
Advanced ReportingProvides access to comprehensive reports for detailed marketing analysis. Enables in-depth evaluation of marketing performance, primarily available in the Enterprise plan for detailed strategic assessments.

These features underline HubSpot Marketing HUB’s capacity as an all-inclusive platform, catering to a broad spectrum of marketing needs from lead capture to analysis and optimization.

HubSpot Marketing HUB Pricing Plan Comparison

Selecting the right HubSpot Marketing HUB plan requires understanding what each tier offers. Here’s a comparison to guide you:

PlanMonthly Billing RatesBest For 
Free$0 Startups and small businesses looking to kickstart their marketing efforts.
StarterFrom $15/monthGrowing businesses requiring more advanced marketing tools.
ProfessionalFrom $800/monthEstablished businesses seeking comprehensive marketing automation and analytics.
EnterpriseFrom $3,600/monthLarge organizations needing extensive customization, control, and advanced reporting.


Price: $0  

This plan is designed for startups and small businesses who are looking for basic marketing tools. Users on the Free plan can access basic tools such as lead capture forms, contact management, and email marketing. However, customization and analytics capabilities are limited. You can send up to 2,000 emails per calendar month with HubSpot branding. In addition, you can perform one automated email action, have up to 10 active lists, and up to 1,000 static lists. The list segmentation criteria are limited to form submission data, contact property information, and marketing email activity.


Starts at $15 per month  

The Starter plan is ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their marketing with more advanced tools. It’s available at a price of $15 per month. This plan includes all the features of the Free plan, along with landing pages, ad management, and list segmentation. However, automation and advanced analytics are still limited. You can have up to 50 active lists, 1,000 static lists, and up to 10 email automated actions. The list segmentation criteria is restricted to data from form submissions, contact property information, and marketing email activity. 


Starts at $800 per month  

The Professional plan, starting at $800 monthly, is designed for businesses seeking advanced marketing automation, analytics, and customization. Key offerings include unlimited email actions, omni-channel marketing, up to 1,200 active and static lists each, and a 10x marketing contact email send limit monthly. Features encompass smart content, design manager, A/B testing, and the capability to integrate product recommendations in emails, among others. This plan also removes HubSpot branding, offering a more personalized experience. While it provides extensive tools, managing its complexity may require additional resources.


Starts at $3,600 per month  

The Enterprise plan is designed for large businesses or enterprises in need of a comprehensive marketing solution. It offers all the Professional plan features plus added benefits such as custom event triggers, adaptive testing, advanced reporting, SSO capabilities, approval flows, multiple CAN-SPAM footers, and send frequency caps. This plan, while requiring a higher investment in both cost and training, allows for extensive email marketing with a 20x marketing contact tier email send limit per calendar month. It supports up to 2,000 active and 2,000 static lists, with the ability to create random samples or split lists into up to 10 smaller segments. Additionally, users can create up to 500 custom reports.

Which HubSpot Marketing HUB Plan Should I Choose?

You should start with a HubSpot plan that aligns closely with your current marketing needs and budget. The Free plan is a great way to test the waters, but scaling businesses will find more value in the Starter and Professional plans. Enterprises requiring extensive customization and reporting will benefit most from the Enterprise plan.

HubSpot Marketing HUB Additional Costs

Be aware of additional costs such as increased limits for marketing contacts and additional seats, which can significantly affect the overall cost depending on your business size and needs. Furthermore, if you choose to add more HubSpot products, such as Sales, Content, Operations, or Commerce, this will result in higher costs.

HubSpot Marketing HUB Pricing Tips

Tips for maximizing the value of HubSpot Marketing HUB include evaluating each plan’s feature set against your marketing needs. Start with a lower-tier plan and upgrade as your needs grow to avoid overpaying for unused features.

HubSpot Marketing HUB vs Landingi Pricing

When comparing HubSpot Marketing HUB and Landingi, it’s important to understand that they each focus on different aspects of online marketing. HubSpot Marketing HUB is an all-in-one toolbox that provides a range of features, from email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) to detailed marketing analysis. On the other hand, Landingi specializes in building landing pages and optimizing them to convert visitors into leads.

HubSpot Marketing HUB offers a variety of plans that cater to businesses of different sizes and types. You can begin with a free plan that offers basic tools, and if you require more advanced features, you can upgrade to bigger plans ranging from $15 per month to $3,600 per month for larger businesses with customized needs. As you move up the plans, you gain access to more advanced features such as automated marketing, A/B testing, and advanced marketing analytics. What sets HubSpot Marketing HUB apart is its ability to integrate with numerous tools and platforms, making it a versatile option for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Landingi, on the other hand, offers different plans that are ideal if you’re looking to improve your landing pages’ lead generation capabilities. They offer a free version and paid plans starting at $29 per month up to $1,000 per month. The differences between the plans primarily come down to the number of pages you can create and the amount of traffic they can handle, with additional options to increase traffic for an extra fee. Landingi’s standout features include over 400 customizable templates, pop-up tools, A/B testing, and visitor behavior tracking.

Choosing between HubSpot Marketing HUB and Landingi depends on your marketing needs. If you require a wide range of marketing tools, HubSpot Marketing HUB’s diverse feature set may be the right choice. However, if you’re focused on optimizing your landing pages to generate more leads, Landingi’s specialized tools may be a better fit. Additionally, Landingi offers in-app integration with HubSpot, enabling you to send all lead data directly to the HubSpot platform.

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HubSpot Marketing HUB Pricing FAQ

If you have questions about the HubSpot Marketing HUB plan and pricing, this section will provide you with all the information you need to decide which plan is best for your business.

Why is HubSpot Marketing HUB so expensive?

HubSpot Marketing Hub is expensive, especially in premium plans, because it offers an all-in-one solution, combining a wide range of marketing tools and functionalities that can replace several standalone products.

What is the cheapest HubSpot Marketing HUB plan?

HubSpot Marketing HUB’s cheapest plan is the Free plan, offering basic marketing tools at no cost.

What is the best HubSpot Marketing HUB alternative?

The best HubSpot Marketing HUB alternative is Landingi, especially for businesses prioritizing landing page creation and lead management.

Can I use HubSpot Marketing HUB for free?

Yes, HubSpot Marketing HUB offers a Free plan with basic marketing tools, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.


In conclusion, HubSpot Marketing Hub offers a wide range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes and requirements. The plans range from a comprehensive free tier to advanced enterprise-level solutions, providing a suite of tools that streamline and enhance marketing efforts. While the platform offers a versatile and extensive range of features for marketing needs, the associated costs and complexity of higher-tier plans may be a concern for smaller businesses or those with specific requirements.

As an alternative to HubSpot Marketing HUB, Landingi presents a focused solution primarily enhancing landing page optimization and lead generation. With plans starting at a lower entry price compared to HubSpot’s paid tiers, Landingi may be particularly appealing for businesses whose primary goal is to increase conversion rates through effective landing pages. Additionally, the seamless integration of Landingi with HubSpot allows businesses to combine the strengths of both platforms, optimizing lead capture and management while utilizing broader marketing tools available through HubSpot. For those evaluating cost-effective options or specialized tools, considering Landingi alongside HubSpot could lead to a more tailored and efficient marketing strategy.

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