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Best GetResponse Alternative In 2024

GetResponse’s drawbacks, notably its price point and complex interface, often drive users to look for other platforms. Find out the top alternative, offering much more affordable pricing, while keeping almost all of GetResponse’s powerful features on the board.

If you’re looking for the best GetResponse alternatives, you’re probably on the hunt for a better-suited email marketing platform, or you feel the platform’s numerous additional features fall short of your expectations. In this article, we compare GetResponse with one of its most serious competitors, especially in the field of landing pages, funnels, forms, marketing automation, and optimization. Without further ado, get to know Landingi!

Our comparison will be based on our tests as well as on the analysis of user feedback on both tools collected via three top marketplaces:

  • G2
  • Trustpilot,
  • and GetApp.

If you’re already acquainted with GetResponse, you fcan skip directly to the Landingi part. In case you merely want a glimpse of the key differences between the two platforms, just take a look below.


GetResponse has been a consistent name in the email marketing landscape, serving over 350,000 customers worldwide and supporting over 20 languages, making it a truly global tool.

With email marketing at its core, GetResponse has expanded its features to include campaign planning and performance analysis, catering to a wide range of business needs. Their toolkit also includes a creator of landing pages and a range of marketing automation solutions.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse began its journey in 1998. Over the years, it has evolved from a simple email marketing tool into a comprehensive digital marketing platform, primarily serving small to medium-sized businesses.

What sets GetResponse apart is its robust marketing automation capabilities. Users can create complex, scalable workflows based on the specific actions and behaviors of their subscribers. This level of customization and control makes GetResponse a powerful tool in the hands of savvy marketers.

Why People are Using GetResponse?

People use GetResponse because of its e-mail marketing capabilities that come with various other digital marketing tools like the editor of landing pages and pop-ups, tools for web push notifications and SMS marketing, webinars, and more. This integrated approach to email marketing and webinars allows businesses to streamline their processes and keep everything in one place.

The five essential advantages of GetResponse listed starting with the most frequently mentioned by users, are as follows (ranges for mentions are delivered in brackets):

  • a complex set of different email marketing features (30+),
  • variety and appeal of e-mail templates (25+),
  • seamless automation tools accelerating work (20+),
  • prompt, responsive and very helpful customer service (20+),
  • decent and intuitive landing page editor (10+).

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

It offers a comprehensive set of email marketing features, including email campaign management, autoresponders, A/B testing, and analysis.” (Charles Boampong K., GetApp, 2023)

What are GetResponse Disadvantages?

The most important GetResponse disadvantages and limitations you should be aware of before paying for a subscription are provided below. The list starts with items most frequently indicated by users and ends with those mentioned only a few times:

  • account and payment issues (automated subscription renewals, unexpected suspensions, complicated refund and chargeback procedures) (20+),
  • pricing is too high compared to a few other platforms of that kind (20+),
  • landing page drawbacks in terms of customization, speed and responsiveness across various (15+),
  • customer support not very keen to help in the case of account troubles (10+),
  • incidental subscription list losses (5+).

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

I’d complete this picture with its AI landing page generator, which is told to be a game-changer, while in reality, it’s rather pure overpromise. But I will expand it a bit more below.

(…) regular use shows that it’s still very “heavy” and complex for a non-specialist like myself. We’re far from simple drag and drop tools. On top of that, I experienced a few weird upgrades and abusive fees. It’s not very transparent.” (Julien D., G2, Mar 30, 2022)

GetResponse Key Features

Despite some shortcomings, GetResponse boasts several key features that make it a powerful marketing tool, all of which email marketing automation solutions are on the top. Apart from its core features, the platform also offers a set of tools for creating funnels, push notifications, SMS marketing, and building assets like landing pages and pop-ups.

Email Marketing Platform

GetResponse’s Email Marketing feature offers everything you need to create impactful email campaigns, including:

  • a broad range of email templates for various purposes,
  • integrated design editor to customize all the visual details,
  • A/B tests for campaigns, allowing you to compare different versions of an email to see which one resonates best with your audience.

Another impressive feature of the platform is a toolkit for advanced segmentation, which enable the organization of unlimited contacts based on subscribers’ behavior and engagement. With custom tags and segments, you can create targeted campaigns that are more likely to convert. Real-time email analytics allow you to track key metrics like open and click-through rates, bounce and unsubscribe rates, and user engagement through click maps.

Marketing Automation Tools

Automation is another strong feature within GetResponse, a marketing automation platform. The platform allows for the creation of drip campaigns, trigger-based automated emails, and targeted messages based on user behavior. Other automation features you may benefit from are as follows:

  • contact tagging and scoring,
  • post-purchase follow-ups,
  • upselling,
  • abandoned cart reminders,
  • retargeting and remarketing tools.

This automation capability can significantly enhance the efficiency of your email marketing efforts, freeing up valuable time and resources for other areas of your business.

Landing Page Builder

GetResponse’s drag-and-drop editor for landing pages is very intuitive, making the creation process easy as pie. Nevertheless, the marketing usefulness and value of this tool are rather modest compared to Landingi. This is due to several reasons.

The first one is limited customization options. In Landingi you can build your assets based on over 400 templates, while in GetResponse you have at your disposal only 80 templates. A few are interesting and fresh, while the whole set shows the necessary diversity, but most of them are too general. In comparison, Landingi offers here specific templates for much more specific industries or goals, which allows you to find the one better fitted for your business identity.

GetResponse doesn’t enable you to enrich your sites with counters, sliders, and other useful effects, which are not only great in terms of their efficiency (e.g. counter activates a sense of urgency, that increases sales during the promo campaigns like Black Friday), but also make your pages stand out from the competition.

Also, during my tests I encountered the same issue as the author of the review published at G2: “When completing a landing page according to their template, using their guidelines and fonts, it had continual issues with buttons and images overlapping each other” (Verified User, Apr 14, 2022). It regards especially the mobile version, which is crucial, as more and more online traffic comes today from mobile devices. Pages created in GetResponse seem not fully responsive and require many adjustments before the desktop and mobile versions present equally well. In Landingi, you can easily edit the mobile version in a separate mobile viewport editor to attain the best effect in a span of minutes. In addition, you can also change the distribution of elements with one click to instantaneously obtain a new order proposal.

It’s noteworthy that GetResponse offers also AI landing page generator, but similarly to other solutions of that kind, it’s unable to provide you with a ready-to-use site, or even a template for further customization. Even if you do your best and provide very detailed input information on your brand, product, and targeted persona, you may still get something weird like the page below. It was created based on prompts bearing the detailed Landingi’s brand and product descriptions.

SMS Marketing and Push Notifications

In addition to its vast email marketing capabilities, GetResponse also offers powerful tools for SMS marketing and push notifications. With this, businesses ensure constant contact with their audience directly through mobile devices, delivering timely promotions, updates, and alerts.

The platform enables users to create and send personalized SMS campaigns, segmenting contacts for targeted messaging and automating responses based on subscriber actions. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive analytics to track SMS campaign performance, including delivery rates and engagement metrics, allowing businesses to refine their strategies for maximum impact.

Other Tools

Aside from the above-described tools, GetResponse offers a suite of side features like live chats, webinars, or e-commerce options available mainly through integrations. All of this makes it a comprehensive platform for digital marketing rather than a toolset for email campaigns only.

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse’s integration capabilities are impressive, connecting with over 150 different apps and services. This includes tools for:

  • synchronizing contacts (Skyvia, SamCart, Catchapp Booking, Integrately, Save MyLeads),
  • growing your lists and audiences (Landingi, Instapage, Elementor, Callpage, Survicate, Optinmonter, Jotform, etc.),
  • promoting offers (Newsletter Glue, Referral Rock),
  • selling online (BigCommerce, Shopify, ThriveCart, etc.),
  • analyzing results (Google Analytics for Landing Pages, Email Heatmaps, Mixpanel, Yandex Metrica).

GetResponse Pricing & Plans

GetResponse offers five plans: “Free Plan”, “Email Marketing”, “Marketing Automation”, “Ecommerce Marketing”, “Enterprise”. They are presented in a nutshell below along with the most essential features. Bear in mind that the higher plans include all the features available in the lower ones, but not the other way around.

Free Plan includes:

  • newsletter,
  • 2500 email sends,
  • visual email editor,
  • predesigned email templates,
  • HTML editor,
  • SPAM check,
  • contact import and export,
  • landing page builder (with templates, forms and 1000 visitors as a limit; maximum 1 landing page with GetResponse branding).

Email Marketing plan (€13.1 monthly, but billed yearly) encompasses additionally:

  • unlimited email sends,
  • AI email generator,
  • A/B testing,
  • Scheduling,
  • unlimited landing pages with unlimited traffic without a GetResponse branding,
  • automation templates,
  • 24/7 live chat support,
  • integrations, tagging and segmentation tools.

Marketing Automation plan (€44.3 monthly, but billed yearly) encompasses additionally:

  • building automations from scratch,
  • drip campaigns,
  • contact scoring,
  • range of advanced automation solutions,
  • dynamig segmentation (with a bunch of additional features),
  • roles management,
  • basic webinars tools,
  • basic push notification tools.

Ecommerce Marketing plan (€86.9 monthly, but billed yearly) encompasses additionally:

  • recommendations,
  • abandoned cart trigger,
  • purchase automation,
  • ecommerce tracking,
  • 5 users within the account,
  • orders & promos managing tools,
  • adanced webinar options,
  • unlimited notifications.

Enterprise plan (custom pricing) encompasses additionally:

  • a complete set of SMS marketing tools,
  • unlimited users within an account,
  • phone support,
  • dedicated IP,
  • strategic advisory,
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.
  • As you see, the more advanced the plan, the more advanced features (and higher limits).

Landingi – Best Getresponse Alternative

While GetResponse has its strengths, there’s another player in the field that’s worth your attention: Landingi. As a GetResponse alternative, Landingi has proven its worth, having been on the market for over a decade and consistently growing in terms of usability, feature set, and integrations. What’s important, Landingi’s pricing remains within the reach of most companies, making it a viable alternative for companies of all sizes (from enterprises, across agencies, to small businesses).

Get 111 Landing Page Examples—The Ultimate Guide for FREE

What is Landingi?

Known primarily as a top-notch landing page builder, Landingi has evolved over the years to become a broad digital marketing platform with a wide array of tools catering to various marketing needs, including, among others:

  • building digital assets (from sections and forms, through pop-ups and lightboxes to mobile pages, microsites and one-pagers),
  • collecting leads,
  • content creation,
  • A/B testing,
  • site reporting and analytic tools,
  • e-commerce solutions.

All of these, along with the platform’s user-friendly interface, make Landingi a standout option for businesses looking for a comprehensive and effective marketing solution.

Why People are Using Landingi?

Users opt for Landingi due to its adaptability, user-friendly interface, and the impressive performance of the pages it generates. They value its holistic approach, consolidating various digital marketing tools within one platform. While renowned for its intuitive drag-and-drop landing page builder, Landingi also boasts AI-powered content creation, pop-up and lightbox design, A/B testing, and user behavior tracking functionalities, alongside an extensive array of integrations and additional features. Landingi’s top strengths. Based on user reviews, Landingi’s top five strengths, listed in order of mention frequency, are as follows (ranges provided in parentheses):

  • easy-to-use, drag-and-drop and no-code builder of digital assets and pages (55+),
  • extensive customization possibilities, and an array of industry-specific templates (30+),
  • versatility, extensive feature set, and diverse tools (25+),
  • reasonable pricing (15+)
  • lots of integrations (10+),
  • tailored solutions for agencies and large enterprises (such as subaccounts, permissions, limit settings, A/B testing, and analytics) (10+).

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

Info: From over 100 reviews collected by Landingi on G2 in 2023-2024, the worst is 4/5, while over 90% are 5/5!

Additionally, many reviewers commend the platform’s robust infrastructure, top responsiveness level, and rapid page loading times, alongside its array of e-commerce tools including payment gateways, integration with e-commerce platforms, and order tracking functionalities.

Other standout features to highlight encompass:

  • AI Assistant, enabling rapid copy and SEO description creation,
  • EventTracker, facilitating the tracking of micro conversions and data collection for marketing analysis,
  • Marketing automation capabilities via 170+ integrations with email marketing, customer and lead database management tools, and beyond.

AI Assistant and EventTracker have not yet received widespread coverage in reviews, given their recent introduction. As seen, the platform remains committed to advancing its digital functionalities all the time.

I just love the overall platform. It allows us to do so much regarding the landing pages and scaling with them. The integrations are what I am looking for as we intend on automating more.” (Ryan W., GetApp, 2022)

What are Landingi Disadvantages?

Despite the scarcity of unfavorable reviews, a thorough evaluation incorporating a few insightful critiques included in positive reviews unveils some space for improvements. The three minor disadvantages, The three main areas of improvement, ranked by user frequency of mention, are as follows (*):

  • more templates could be beneficial for specific business sectors or needs (5+).
  • the automatic creation of a mobile view, though it expedites tasks, still necessitates minor modifications for perfection (5+),
  • the interface may require some time to get used to (5+).

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

I wish there was more onboarding support resources available. Although I found my onboarding call with the team extremely helpful and insightful (Jessica V., G2, 28 October 2023).

Landingi Key Features

Landingi’s key features comprise a simple and intuitive interface, a variety of templates catering to various businesses and objectives, multiple optimization tools including EventTracker and A/B testing, specialized solutions for larger enterprises or agencies, and an extensive portfolio of nearly 200 integrations.

User-Friendly Builder with Robust Capabilities

Landingi features an intuitive, precise drag-and-drop editor, enabling effortless creation of stunning landing pages, one-pagers, mobile pages, and more.

For constructing your landing pages, you have a range of elements to choose from, including (but not limited to):

  • sections (including Smart Sections),
  • boxes for copy,
  • forms,
  • buttons (including PayPal, PayU and Stripe payment buttons perfect for online stores),
  • images,
  • videos, gifs, animations,
  • icons and more.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that GetResponse does not offer separate section management or the ability to move and update sections from one page to another with a single click, a feature that Landingi provides through its Smart Sections. Landingi also outshines GetResponse in terms of design customization options, allowing for the addition of sliders, the implementation of parallax effects on background images, or the display of content in lightboxes and pop-ups.

A further noteworthy benefit of Landingi includes its specialized mobile editor. While GetResponse produces landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices, it does not permit the independent adjustment of elements, options, and content for mobile views. This feature is particularly valuable when the automatically generated mobile layout from the desktop version doesn’t meet your expectations.

Landingi further distinguishes itself by allowing users to effortlessly rearrange elements in the mobile view with just one click, instantly offering a revised layout. It’s another feature missing in GetResponse.

300+ Industry and Goal-specific Templates

With a more extensive collection of ready-made templates than its competition, Landingi provides comprehensive design solutions, including landing page kits as well as templates for pop-ups and specific sections. You can easily narrow down the perfect designs by filtering according to your goals and industry, ensuring you find the right fit swiftly.

Plus, if you prefer creating something uniquely yours, there’s always the option to start from the ground up and customize every aspect of your pages.

AI Features

Landingi offers a suite of AI tools, with the copy generator being the highlight. This tool efficiently drafts text for your landing pages once you provide essential information regarding your brand, target demographics, and preferred style of communication. A few quick tweaks and your content is set to go.

AI by Landingi is also able to complete missing SEO descriptions and support you while editing your images.

Make your sections smartable and let go of mundane manual tasks with Smart Sections! An easy way to manage bulk changes.

Conversion Optimization Tools

Now, let’s discuss the arena where Landingi clearly beats GetResponse and its other competitors. While GetResponse focuses mainly on email marketing, offering only a simplistic landing page builder among its tools, Landingi provides a full-fledged platform. Here, the creation of pages is just the beginning; maintaining their high performance is where it truly shines. Two features stand out for their critical value and impact:

  • The ability to conduct A/B testing to experiment with different versions of your landing pages or even their individual components like headlines, images, and overall structure, identifying which variations drive better results in terms of leads or conversions,
  • The EventTracker tool, which captures microconversions such as button clicks, scrolls, and video views, offering detailed insights into how users interact with your pages. This enables data-backed optimizations to layout and content, enhancing conversion rates. Additionally, EventTracker presents a robust alternative to Google Analytics, specifically tailored to overcome the challenges faced by GA users. Let’s explore these features in more detail:

Info: Landingi has been acknowledged by Zapier as one of the seven best landing builders in 2023.

Reliability and Performance

Landingi stands out not only for its user-friendly features but also for its robust infrastructure and security measures, components that are critical yet often underestimated in their importance for business websites. Adhering to the highest standards for website protection and performance, these aspects play a pivotal role in enhancing your company’s conversion rates and overall success in marketing. This explains why Landingi is the platform of choice for various multinational companies, such as::

  • Sony,
  • Warner Bros. Discovery,
  • Opera,
  • DAT,
  • ING,
  • Dekra,
  • Booksy,
  • Jerónimo Martins,
  • PayU

Utilizing cloud-based solutions from Amazon Web Services, the platform’s infrastructure is both reliable and scalable. To enhance security, it employs two-factor authentication along with the most current Re-Captcha technology. These security protocols, coupled with regular penetration testing by third-party cybersecurity experts, ensure a high level of security, allowing you to be confident in the protection of your pages.

Services Tailored for Agencies and Corporate Entities

Landingi stands out as a viable alternative to GetResponse, particularly when it comes to solutions for scaling. It’s designed with agencies, enterprises, and large-scale businesses in mind, offering enhanced management tools, a greater variety of workflow configurations, and the capacity for a higher number of landing pages.

The platform’s agency plan permits the creation of numerous subaccounts tailored to individual clients, campaigns, objectives, and types of sites, complete with customizable permissions and the ability to monitor workflows via clear, organized dashboards.

If you need a lot of landing pages or websites, Landingi gives you a toolkit of unique tools perfectly suited for this.

  1. First of all, the platform comes up with Smart Sections that allow you to update as many sites as you aim with one click, just by updating the individual section activated on many pages. It saves your time, for example, while managing multipage campaigns or if you have numerous sales landing pages to be updated.
  2. The platform also has a dynamic content feature, which is great for programmatic SEO. It enables you to display different content for different audiences to keep the communication targeted to the max. For instance, if you run an international travel agency, you can display on your landing page the headline “Pay us a visit in Paris!” to visitors from France, while a visitor from Berlin will be welcomed with another one: “Pay us a visit in Berlin!” (or “Besuchen Sie uns in Berlin!”). It’s just the magic of automation.
  3. Finally, you can duplicate your pages with one click to create similar ones in almost no time. Small but mighty!

Landingi Integrations

Landingi offers extensive integration options, allowing you to link the platform with more than 170 applications tailored for a wide range of functions. This is ideal for those with a comprehensive marketing software suite. The following categories represent the most beneficial tools for integration:

  • CRMs (HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Keap, Brevo, ConvertKit and more),
  • e-mail marketing tools (GetResponse, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Omnisend, Freshmail, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, etc.),
  • in-app chat support tools (CallPage, Freshchat, Zendesk, Intercom, WhatsApp),
  • analytics & tracking apps (Google Analytics, Hotjar, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, Mixpanel, Piwik PRO, TikTok Pixel, etc.),
  • ad solutions (including Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising),
  • major ecommerce platforms (BigCommerce, Chargify, Jotform, PayPal, Stripe, and others),
  • SMS marketing apps (ClickSend, Doppler, Drip),
  • other notable tools (Calendly, Zapier, Booksy, Excel, Gmail, Spotify, Slack, reCAPTCHA, Airbnb, and Trustpilot).

Landingi Pricing & Plans

Landingi allows you to explore its platform without upfront payment by offering a free trial across all its plans, where you can fully access and test all the page-building tools and functionalities such as forms, buttons, text boxes, images, videos, and widgets.

All the plans are equipped with a set of advanced business solutions. Below, you’ll see the most important features listed for each plan. Note that higher plans comprise all the features available within lower plans. Another important difference lies in various limits for visits/month and the number of domains that can be used on the account.

1. Lite ($29 per month):

  • asset builder (landing pages, websites, mobile pages, microsites, forms, pop-ups, lightboxes, thank-you-pages, sections),
  • 10 assets to build,
  • 400+ asset templates,
  • 5,000 visits/month,
  • 1 custom domain with forced SSL,
  • unlimited conversions,
  • all the building widgets and elements included (buttons, videos, CTAs, animations, forms, counters, sliders and much more),
  • embedding calendars and maps,
  • Smart Sections,
  • WordPress Plugin,
  • optimization toolset (A/B testing, advanced reporting),
  • campaign and site tracking with GTM integration and dedicated dashboards,
  • 170+ integration stack,
  • lead management,
  • high page speed index and 99.9% uptime.

2. Professional ($49 per month):

  • unlimited assets to build,
  • 50,000 visits/month,
  • 10 custom domains with forced SSL.

3. Unlimited ($999 per month):

  • unlimited traffic,
  • 20 custom domains with forced SSL,
  • 20 subaccounts,
  • audit log records,
  • domain whitelisting,
  • reverse proxy publishing,
  • custom development,
  • lead generation expert.
  • certified partnership.

Finally, one additional point should be raised: if you need more traffic or domains on lower plans, you can always order additional packages.

Some additional tools or features are available in the addon store.

Why Landingi is Best GetResponse Alternative?

Landingi is the best GetResponse alternative due to its powerful landing page builder, affordable pricing plans and ease of use – no matter whether you are a digital marketing guru or rookie, you’ll create professional pages smoothly in a flash.

Although GetResponse seems to have a plethora of tools onboard, only a few are really helpful in your digital marketing activities. On the other hand, Landingi has fewer features, but of great practical value. Let’s mention mere AI Assistant, which can save you long hours typically spent generating content, or EventTracker which allows you to get a better, data-driven understanding of your audience (an ultimate must-have while creating effective digital marketing strategies).

If you’d like to verify yourself if (and why) Landingi is the best GetResponse alternative, just choose your plan and try it for free!

Marcin Hylewski

Content Writer

Marcin Hylewski is a marketing content expert with over 5 years of expertise in content creation and has been involved in digital marketing for over a year. He writes about creating landing pages and optimizing their conversion rates. Currently, he is under the mentorship of Błażej Abel, the CEO of Landingi, a front-runner in landing page solutions.
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