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Home Best AI Form Generators: Top 10 AI Form Creators

Best AI Form Generators: Top 10 AI Form Creators

AI form creators leverage artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance the form-building process for various business needs. Meet the top 10 AI form creators, learn about their essential features, and choose the most suitable form builder for your business.

Looking for the best AI form generators? Within this article, you will meet the top 10 AI form creators with essentials about their features. The ranking will help you decide to choose the most suitable tool for your business.

Creating forms with mechanic-based tools can be time-consuming and not always practical, so maybe it’s time to let artificial intelligence do the magic and enhance your marketing strategies with perfectly tailored surveys.

According to Authority Hacker’s research, 72% of companies utilizing AI perceive it as a tool that streamlines their tasks and responsibilities. That’s why you should learn about the best form creators and choose the one that answers your needs.

The best of all will be a platform that delivers multifunctional features to increase your conversions, Landingi – the most beneficial landing page builder with built-in AI features to make your workflow as smooth and effective as ever before.

In this blog post, you can scroll through the ranking of the top 10 AI form builders, learn about their advantages, and see their weak points. Get started with a quick look at the general scale with rates below:


AI Form Builder






Formless. by Typeform






















Yay! Forms


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1. Landingi

Best AI form generator is Landingi, thanks to its multi-functional attitude that allows you to create survey and form widgets right in the landing page builder. Its advanced automation tools were invented to simplify your work, so with a user-friendly interface, you can design forms without expert knowledge.

AI Assistance enhances its functionality, making Landingi a top choice. The tool lets you focus on design and customization to create forms that suit your brand’s visual identity. You can create a perfect form within a minute with an intuitive toolbar and a broad base of customizable templates. Landingi delivers features that can make your work efficient – you can create conversion funnels with Form Builder or use the Smart Sections feature to add a form to multiple landing pages. If you decide to edit the form section, changes are automatically synchronized across all landing pages.

With Landingi Forms and AI Assistance features, you can find a balance between creativity and utility while building forms or surveys that must be both inviting and high-converting.

Pros of Landingi:

  • Affordable price in comparison to similar platforms
  • Fully editable widgets
  • Over 170 integrations
  • Ease of use with a user-friendly interface
  • Multi-functional platform based on landing page builder
  • Automation and optimization tools included
  • Regular updates increase its functionality

Cons of Landingi:

  • The generated content needs to be checked and adjusted

Rating: 9/10 Excellent!

2. Formless. by Typeform

Formless. takes second position in our ranking as the new expansion of the well-known Typeform platform that allows users to create interactive and engaging forms, surveys, quizzes, and other data collection tools.

The basic Typeform is known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to design forms that feel conversational. With AI expansion Formless. enables you to gather responses through nearly natural conversations instead of relying on conventional form structures.

Pros of Formless.:

  • AI conversational forms
  • Over 120 languages support
  • Well-known Typeform AI extension
  • Various integrations available
  • No sign-up for a demo version

Cons of Formless.:

  • Expensive even for primary usage

Rating: 8,5/10 Perfect!

3. MakeForms

As the third in our ranking, MakeForms stands out as a perfect AI form creator due to its intuitive design, advanced customization options, and seamless integration of artificial intelligence. MakeForm offers dynamic question logic and responsive design.

If you are looking for a complex tool that provides all the necessary features to generate forms, MakeForms is what you need. Its AI capabilities allow predictive typing. Features supported with AI provide smart field suggestions and automated error detection, which streamline the form-building process for increasing efficiency without significant user effort.

Pros of MakeForms:

  • Relatively reasonable price for a basic plan
  • Automation features improve efficiency
  • Analytics tools included
  • Optimized for responsiveness across different devices
  • Intuitive interface

Cons of MakeForms:

  • No mobile verification within the Free plan
  • No real-time support for middle plans
  • Limited submissions

Rating: 8/10 Perfet!

4. AI form generator ranks fourth. This AI-powered form builder simplifies the process of creating online forms, surveys, or quizzes. The no-code interface allows everyone, regardless of experience, to generate customized forms by providing prompts to the AI.

The tool also offers the features to create perfect images for any type of form. Its advanced structure includes analytics features that allow you to examine form results for data-driven decision-making.

Pros of

  • Clarity and utility
  • Strong AI bases
  • 500+ integrations available
  • Wide template library
  • Priority support for all paid plans

Cons of

  • Only five forms with a Free plan
  • Limited responses

Rating: 8/10 Perfect!

5. Fillout

Fillout ranks fifth with its AI-boosted form generator. Its creator allows the customization of forms, surveys, or quizzes by implementing necessary information. Then, you can use AI again to change whatever you need and improve questions with language support to gain better conversion.

With AI, you can customize the look of your forms by providing instructions and uploading pictures – it will generate a layout tailored to your needs.

Pros of Fillout:

  • High-level AI support
  • Analytics tools integration available
  • Basic features in the Free-forever plan
  • Intuitive interface

Cons of Fillout:

  • Limited responses (except Business plan)
  • Only basic integrations available

Rating: 8/10 Perfect!

6. BlockSurvey

BlockSurvey ranks sixth for its features that ensure privacy data collection and artificial intelligence support. You can create surveys within a no-code editor in minutes. AI offers language support to improve your questions to increase conversion.

With BlockSurvey features, you can easily add designed surveys to your website. The tool stands out as data-protective – you are an owner of decentralized data storage available for you only.

Pros of BlockSurvey:

  • Affordable price
  • Over 500 integrations
  • Data security
  • Built-in analytics

Cons of BlockSurvey:

  • Limited AI credits
  • Limited responses

Rating: 7,5/10 Good!


The seventh position ranks an AI-powered survey generator,, with a creator based on drag and drop structure with AI assistance.

Creating professional forms with runs effortlessly, thanks to a combination of other solution functionalities – seamlessly integrates open-source form creation functionalities with identity management, workflow automation, and analytical capabilities.

Pros of

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-functional tool
  • Unlimited users with a Free plan

Cons of

  • Expensive premium plans
  • Expensive optional add-ons
  • Only community support with a Free plan

Rating: 7/10 Good!

8. Feathery

Feathery ranks eighth in our ranking as an advanced AI form builder, streamlining the efficient creation of web forms. A powerful editor allows fine-tuning to meet specific user’s needs. Feathery supports multiple languages and generates forms or surveys for diverse purposes, enabling effective feedback collection for your web pages.

The solution can be used free of charge, with unlimited access to form templates. Higher plans include valuable features such as A/B testing or Logic & API connectors.

Pros of Feathery:

  • Free of charge basic use
  • Multilingual AI support
  • A decent base of templates
  • Flexible no-code editor with a user-friendly interface
  • Over 100 integrations available

Cons of Feathery:

  • More than two active forms require a paid plan
  • Advanced features may require a paid plan
  • Real-time support is available only with the Enterprise Plan

Rating: 7/10 Good!

9. Elfsight

Elfsight ranks ninth as an AI form generator that offers tools for creating well-suited surveys and forms tailored to your and your audience’s preferences. High-converting widgets allow you to collect and analyze data, providing the best user experience to your audience.

Creating forms with Elfsight takes minutes, and its no-coding editor allows you to customize them effortlessly. With AI support, your forms are adequate to actual trends.

Pros of Elfsight:

  • Over 60 integrations available
  • Ease of use
  • Regular updates
  • Wide template base

Cons of Elfsight:

  • Hidden, complicated pricing
  • A free version is good only for a trial
  • Expensive extensions

Rating: 6,5/10 OK!

10. Yay! Forms

Yay! Forms is another AI form creator, rating tenth on our list. Next to a fundamental feature allowing the generation of forms and surveys comes logic. You can tailor the user’s experience and categorize your target audience according to their responses, which guarantees a personalized user journey, enhancing the precision of the collected information.

The most beneficial of Yay! Forms’ features is an analytics tool that provides insights about drop-offs in a user-friendly, transparent way. Thanks to that, you can easily understand your audience and improve surveys to better data collection.

Pros of Yay! Forms:

  • Affordable price
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Ease of use

Cons of Yay! Forms:

  • Only a few integrations
  • Limited responses

Rating: 6,5/10 OK!

FAQ for AI Form Builders

Find out more about AI Form Builders and check out a couple of the frequently asked questions with explanations below.

What Is an AI Form Builder?

The AI form builder is a tool based on artificial intelligence, invented to streamline and automate the process of creating online forms. It leverages advanced algorithms to assist users in survey- and form-making, including areas of:

  • design,
  • customization,
  • optimization,
  • improving efficiency,
  • improving user experience.

Why You Should Use AI Form Builders?

You should use AI form builders to increase work efficiency, affect conversion rate, and deliver the best user experience for your audience. The list of 9 benefits below shows the full potential of using AI form creators:

  1. Efficiency – streamlines form creation with AI automation.
  2. User experience – enhances design, making forms more user-friendly.
  3. Time savings – accelerates the process, reducing manual efforts.
  4. Data accuracy – AI helps prevent errors, ensuring reliable information.
  5. Versatility – supports various form types and customizations.
  6. Innovation – integrates advanced features for dynamic and intelligent forms.
  7. Adaptability – evolves with updates and improvements over time.
  8. Insights – analyzes data, providing valuable trends and patterns.
  9. Ease of Use – intuitive interfaces cater to both tech-savvy and non-technical users.

What To Avoid While Choosing AI Form Builder?

While looking for an AI Form Builder, avoid platforms that limit features and don’t offer user-friendly interfaces. To make the best choice, remember five main problem-causing points:

  • Limited customization – avoid platforms with restrictive design options.
  • Poor integration – choose AI form builders that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
  • Complexity – steer clear of overly complicated interfaces that hinder usability.
  • Lack of support – ensure the provider offers responsive customer support for assistance.
  • Security concerns – avoid tools with inadequate data protection measures.


From dozens of available AI form generators, you met the top 10 tools that stand out with their functionality and ease of use.

If you are looking for the best solution to increase efficiency to the maximum, have an actual impact on better conversions, and get solutions that suit your business, choose a landing page builder with a built-in AI Assistance and form builder – Landingi, and let the tool guide your business to success effortlessly.

Now, the choice is yours!

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