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7 Most Interesting WordPress Landing Page Templates


It’s easy to say what makes or breaks the quality of a landing page. In theory – good copy, high quality photos, a well-thought-out form. In practice it’s a little more complicated than that.

We’re introducing landing page templates that work great in WordPress and will turn your users into paying customers. Not every solution depicted in our templates will work for every industry. All can and some will be changed and adjusted for the specific needs of given campaigns. Fortunately, landing page templates offered by Landingi are flexible  – you can adjust color schemes as well as single elements and whole sections.

While discussing each template, we’ll show their characteristic elements, which allow for the immediate use of each template. That’s why creating a marketing campaign will not take long (as happens when using internal IT). Our landing page builder allows for landing page creation in just a few hours. By using templates this time is even shorter!

Videos on landing page increase conversion by 86%

According to a study by EyeView from 2016, usage of video material on a landing page increases conversion by up to 86%. It’s a great indicator showing that a landing page effectively attracts through information and the form the information is presented in. In the example below, it shows how can you plan your site to boost the download rate of a mobile app.

Aside from elements like an intriguing color scheme, a list of the most important features or a screenshot embedded directly on a device (in our builder there is the possibility for direct manipulation of every component), there is also a place for video.

Putting a link to a movie on a graphic imitating a mobile device says more about the application than the best copy. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’? In the case of a landing page, it’s more like a million.

We’ve already covered the topic of how to use a video on a landing page. According to a Hyperfine Media study, 36% of users trust video commercials and 90% of consumers say that this type of material helps them make a purchase decision.

You can find this landing page template on our website.

Paint my world

Color psychology has been present in the world of marketing for decades now and has gone hand in hand with it every step of the way. The connections between colors and emotions have a solid grounding in science, but also in our common and intuitive perceptions of the surrounding world. And the world itself is usually the spark that piques our curiosity and motivates us to further discovery. Use this knowledge to your advantage and generate leads at a better rate.

The first ‘color wheel’ was invented by Isaac Newton in 1666. Then there was the famous Boutet’s color wheel from 1708. Boutet, inspired by light and its role in ‘creating’ colors, made a universal tool used by virtually everyone to this day. A home renovation crew, a fashion designer, a computer graphics artist. All of them, one way or another, use the knowledge that originated in physics.

From physics to marketing. How to convince a customer to make a purchase? By using yellow, linked to the warmth and a sense of security; also to vital strengths and happiness, primal needs of us all. By using this color in a landing page template within for the furniture industry or interior design, we’re building natural logical associations. Make yellow a dominant color. As an element of a graphics border or in photos. According to stats fetched by KISSMetrics, 93% of a customer base pay attention to the color while making a purchase decision. 80% of a client base thinks of color as a primary factor which plays a role in the buying process.

It doesn’t mean that a landing page should be blatantly associated with a color in every case or that color alone should play the only role in its creation, but it’s worth remembering that it should be considered in the context of a brand’s visual identity.

You can find this landing page template on our website.

Style for the creative ones

Customers seek a sense of self-fulfillment. They choose a lifestyle and then attempt to make their dreams come true. They have clearly-defined, often high expectations and demands. They are creative. To fulfill their expectations and offer them a product or service, it’s not always enough to pick a color or make a video.

Sometimes less invasive techniques are the ones that are successful; embedding a photo and adding persuasive copy, for example. The right copy should capture, especially with landing pages. Short phrases work, quite often elliptical sentences. Sometimes. Even. Single. Words. And sometimes, a number paired with a single word of commentary. How much a customer can save. How much is required to go on a dream vacation. Landing pages are the embodiment of marketing copy; even if made by the author of a template or edited by a marketing specialist. They should be short and arresting.

Using solutions from other (or your own previously edited) templates doesn’t always work for a different campaign. It’s good to be original – have a base of high-quality photos, videos, and use colors that instantly pop. Writing copy to convince a customer about a product’s quality is always worth it.

You can find this landing page template on our website.

A form – short, long, bad

Sounds kind of like the good, the bad, and the ugly, right? And it’s true. Once we’re done with all the elements above, it would be good to segue to the ultimate goal of a landing page – conversion. A form can be short and include a request for contact data or a longer one and require a short questionnaire. This is potentially bad. Anything that consumes a user’s time doesn’t work for the benefit of the campaign. Here’s an example of a form generated by a used-car salon:

An example from a few years back, since no one makes this kind of roadblock anymore. Especially, when a user can download a free e-book on a “thank you page”. A form that long just to get a free quote? This is clearly overkill! ?

You can post a photo, a tagline and benefits wrapped in bullet points and a CTA button. In the next part of the template above the form is a little long, but it’s not contradictory to what we’re saying right now. Those aforementioned “creatives” can be convinced right away, and those who need a little time can see more and then decide on leaving a phone number or an e-mail address.

You can find this landing page template on our website.

Style + a form. Short and sweet

We’ve mentioned the value of a text and length of a form. What if you had skipped all the previously-mentioned factors directly impacting the quality of a landing page and left just the two above?

In this example the key role is played by the text and the CTA embedded in the form, which has only one field. The greater the role of the awareness and perfection of each element (buttons, photos, etc). Magnetic copy and an effective CTA are a must.

You can find this landing page template on our website.

Acting with your head (or a lightbulb)

Education has more than one name. Landing pages often invite people to sign up for a conference, but templates dedicated to that purpose can be used in more than one way. Instead of using a photo of a conference room, you can use a photo of a lightbulb and invite people from the given industry.

This kind of gathering often takes place in a restaurant or a club and participants gather to talk about current affairs in the industry, exchange business cards and learn something new. Sharing a beer is not mandatory, but it also happens. ?

It’s worth mentioning that the main part of the template is not heavy with information. There’s nothing about an agenda (it’s placed below that level) or keynote speakers (also another section). We have a date, a place, a clever slogan and a CTA button. This is an example of a landing page for a savvy audience that knows it’s being targeted. If they want more information, they can scroll down the site.

Empty attachment or post type not equal ‘attachment’

You can find this landing page template on our website

High standard services

The template below incorporates a few functionalities and previously mentioned topics. The point of this landing page template is to establish contact with a company offering corporate or premium class services. The psychology of color (gold and black associated with luxury), a photo with top-shelf, premium devices and items and a short form pointing to the goal. All working to exemplify a company’s image, one that works for customers who have an expensive taste and a certain level of expectations.

In the section below we have a space for social proof and some copy about the training (which is also an option for that template). The most important part though is at the very beginning. A customer sees quality – an impressive color scheme, a photo and a form. There’s no time for eye-tracking techniques and heat map usage – it’s all about effectiveness.

You can find this landing page template on our website.

Over 250 reasons to trust us

Landing page templates offered by Landingi (there are more than 250 and we keep adding more) are made based on analysis of our customers’ needs, knowledge and market awareness. We keep listening to our platform’s users. We also explore ways in which we can assist with our customers’ campaigns. If your expectations are different than those mentioned in this post, please add a comment or contact us directly.

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