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Home [Killerspin Case Study] How a ping-pong e-store multiplies its conversions with personalized landing pages?

[Killerspin Case Study] How a ping-pong e-store multiplies its conversions with personalized landing pages?


Killerspin is a business that sells ping-pong tables and equipment. The organization’s Chief of E-commerce is Benjamin Nau, whose education includes an MBA in Marketing, a BFA in Graphic Design and experience in both B2B and B2C spaces.
Drawing on his diverse background and experiences, Benjamin has used targeted landing pages to multiply his lead generation efforts and grow his business consistently.

In this post, we’ll break down the 3 specific custom pages he uses – and break down 2 bonus tips Benjamin shared with us in the interview for this post.

Targeted Landing Pages

Like many of our customers, Benjamin finds that personalized landing pages improve his conversions. To take advantage of this, he directs SEO/organic visitors to catch-all pages while driving targeted traffic to customized landing pages.
Here’s why.

When a user finds your business on a platform like Google or Bing!, you don’t know much about them. This makes it hard to tailor your landing page to them.

On the other hand, when someone clicks a targeted ad, or a specific blog post, or a newsletter e-mail link, you know exactly what a user’s interested in – meaning you can make a better marketing pitch.
Here are the 3 types of targeted landing pages Benjamin uses to maximize results with three different targeted traffic sources. The first category is the…

SEM Landing Page

SEM stands for “search engine marketing”. It mostly consists of paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, Google and Bing!. All these platforms have targeting options that allow you to reach users based on…

  • Gender
  • Sex
  • Location
  • First or second language
  • Array of interests

Moreover, you can exclude certain kinds of people from your ads. For example, if you’re marketing a product for Spanish speakers in the U.S., you can target the state of New York, but exclude anyone who doesn’t speak the language.
In Benjamin’s case, he coordinates his ads and landing pages so…

  • People who clicked on a “white ping-pong table” ad are shown a white ping-pong table
  • Users looking for “free shipping on ping-pong tables” get sent to a page that highlights Killerspin’s free shipping offer
  • Leads looking for an easy way to order online are directed to a page like this:

Since Landingi makes it easy to copy and change pages in just minutes, Benjamin can easily make new pages (and remove old ones) as often as he likes. This is handy – because Killerspin often tests a couple of targeted pages for each new ad to figure out a new audience.
The next type of traffic-customized landing page is…

The Content Marketing Landing Page

Killerspin produces a lot of marketing content in the form of ebooks, whitepapers and blog posts. One of these content pieces educates organizations on how a ping-pong table can improve motivation and productivity – and pitches Killerspin’s offer to them.
To promote it to managers and H.R. specialists, Benjamin’s team put together this page:

This page serves two goals. First, it gives Killerspin the information it needs to follow up with an organization.
Second, it gets marketing content into the hands of prospects without Benjamin having to host files or organize delivery.

That’s because Landingi works with his business’s CRM to drive traffic, capture leads and give users their files with minimal third-party APIs – so you can make as many of these pages as necessary without any extra work.
The third kind of customized page used by Killerspin is…

Product Promotion Pages

When Benjamin’s team is ready to promote a specific product, product package, or product series, they create a product page that explains what the offer is and makes it easy to act.
Here’s an example from last holiday season, when Killerspin wanted to show their audience that ping-pong equipment makes for great gifts:

And last but not least, Benjamin’s team uses Landingi to make long-form sales pages for their more expensive products – like customized tables, paddles and balls:

As you can see, the emphasis here is on exclusivity and product customization, rather than ease-of-purchase or ease-of-use.
Between this page type and the 3 others, Killerspin can target all their target audiences, from beginners on a budget to professionals and advanced hobbyists who are ready to pay more.
This begs the obvious question of how Benjamin’s team has the time to create, deploy and manage the dozens of pages they use at any given time. Turns out, the answer is a lot simpler than you might expect. It’s all about…

Create landing pages without programming skills!

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Selectively Using Templates

Killerspin’s landing pages are all very different. This is good – because different audiences need different approaches. However, making dozens of personalized pages can be problematic, so we asked Benjamin how he and his team keep up.
His answer was twofold. First, Killerspin will sometimes make landing pages from scratch. If they’re selling a high-ticket item or promoting for an important holiday, it’s important that a page is just right and the payoff is well worth it.
Most of the time, though, Killerspin simply personalize one of Landingi’s templates. There’s 250+ templates available, and they’re mobile-friendly, made by professional designers – so it’s possible to keep things fresh by tweaking those.

Alternatively, Killerspin’s team uses pages that have performed particularly well in the past. Landingi allows them to copy these top performers in seconds, which is a lot easier than building new pages from scratch.
At this point, let’s move on to Ben’s last (and arguably most important tip). It provides a good point of view for making effective landing pages, and it’s as simple as…

Focusing On the Customer

In the end, your business comes from customers; not landing pages. You need to focus on what these customers want, not what you want. Using landing pages to capture leads and make sales effectively means internalizing this, and learning to put your own needs second. This was one of the main reasons Killerspin chooses to work with Landingi. At just $29 a month, the platform provides 100+ professional-looking pages that are ready out of the box.

To quote Benjamin directly:

There are landing page service providers out there who charge 20x more for minimal added value. If you are a small company or a small team that doesn’t have the resources to make full use of big name CRM’s, it is a waste resources considering you could be using Landingi. It is cost-effective, quick, and flexible.

All of these advantages help Benjamin and his team put their customers first and cater to their specific needs.

And there you have it! That’s how Benjamin and the Killerspin team maximize conversions by:

  1. Creating landing pages targeted to ads, locations, and campaigns/promotions.
  2. Selectively using templates proven to work.
  3. Focusing on their customers first.

If you’d like to try the software Killerspin uses to generate their leads and sales, click here – and we’ll give you a free trial of Landingi’s platform. It’s free to try; all you have to do is follow this link and we’ll hook you right up!

Robert Marczak

Marketing Expert

Robert Marczak is a marketing expert with over 9 years of experience in digital marketing, lead generation, and landing page creation.
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