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Home [CASE STUDY] Lead Generation Strategies – Fly On The Cloud

[CASE STUDY] Lead Generation Strategies – Fly On The Cloud


Company name: Fly On The Cloud
Industry: cloud infrastructure, consulting, education, implementation
Market: Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, soon also Slovakian and Czech

Foreign expansion thanks to landing pages? In the pandemic times?

Fly On The Cloud proves that nowadays organising webinars on popular and useful topics (such as home office organisation) is a hit in the jackpot. The company provides consulting services and implements cloud infrastructure for companies in Poland and abroad – their clients are large companies, startups and sole proprietors.

Kamil Lasek, Fly On The Cloud’s CMO, recently has told us all about landing pages being a lead generation tool helping him and his marketing team to meet business goals in these specific times we have all been forced to live in. As you can see, landing pages created in our landing page builder proved to be a vital part of Fly On The Cloud’s recent marketing campaigns.

What did it all start from?

Problems and needs

Before Kamil came to know Landingi, Fly On The Cloud lacked resources for taking care of their company website, not to mention any landing pages. Kamil’s task was to build a lead generation marketing team in the period when the company was dynamically expanding.

Back then, Fly On The Cloud were constantly hiring more and more people as well as acquiring new markets. Finding a tool that would enable creating lots of landing pages in a short period of time quickly became Kamil’s priority.

Inviting to webinars

Fly On The Cloud’s strategy was to gather leads by promoting their webinars and online events. At this moment, thanks to the Landingi landing page builder and to a bunch of templates (mainly designed by their own graphic designers), the team is able to prepare campaigns that promote these webinars, and expand on both Polish and foreign markets even faster.

In both language versions

In order to speed up the translation of the copy for different language versions, Fly On The Cloud duplicate their landing pages making use of a functionality available in the Landingi platform. The first language version is then copied and then translated into other languages.

This landing page in Romanian invites to a webinar on Google apps: Forms, Docs and Sheets. When this particular language version was ready, the same template was used and sent to the translators.

Internal communication for the needs of home office

This landing page has been created to advertise Workplace from Facebook – a product Fly On The Cloud offer. The page emphasized on the product’s specifics and its character. All the necessary information – who the webinar is for, what the topics are and what the agenda is – were supplied. Thanks to testimonials, it was clear that the company was experienced in the area of webinars.

The lightbox presented below was an example of an interesting way of displaying information – an interactive form to help the visitors focus on a selected piece of information, in this case, a few words on the webinar’s hosts. This proves that, although the Landingi editor itself is intuitive and simple, it still leaves the opportunity to add extras like this particular lightbox.

It is worth mentioning that there is a relatively long form included on this landing page. It is a non-standard decision, which has been made in order to make it easier for sales representatives to reach out to potential customers and initiate talks.

A problem with capacities?

In the new marketing team formed by Kamil, everyone knows how to create a simple landing page for the needs of very different campaigns. Moreover, it is not necessary for the team members to be graphic designers or experts in how lead generation software works to use the Landingi platform.

How exactly does the Fly On The Cloud’s process of launching landing pages look like right now? Usually, copywriters create the main idea or mockup first. Then, the graphic designer makes sure that the landing page is designed tastefully and in line with the other, similar projects. Usually, it takes 2-4 team members to prepare a page.

It is worth mentioning that in the future, in case there is too much work for too few team members to handle, it is possible to reallocate design tasks and to split work between more people. And this is exactly what Kamil sought in the first place – a smooth process of creating landing pages without delays.

Results and conclusions of lead generation strategies

What is interesting, the conversion rates on different landing pages in different language versions were slightly different. When it comes to Poland, for example, the conversion rate on a landing page which promoted home office communication solutions equaled 28.39% and 220 leads were gathered.

Below you can see significantly lower conversion rates from the Romanian version:

What comes next?
At the moment, the Fly On The Cloud’s sales results are satisfactory and marketing goals are fulfilled. Landing pages became a vital element of promoting the company’s webinars and events.
What are the plans for the further foreign expansion of the company? As Kamil Lasek says, at this moment the team is focused on European countries, however the CMO does not wish to reveal all his cards yet. Nevertheless, we at Landingi keep our fingers crossed for him and his team!

Kasia Hajok

Content Specialist

Kasia Hajok is a content expert with over 2 years of experience in digital marketing. Passionate writer, creator, and book lover.
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