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7 Reasons Why You Need Landing Pages [UPDATE]



A landing page is a special kind of Internet animal. It’s a page dedicated to increasing conversion. While selling a product, a service or making a page for an ebook download or webinar sign-up, it’s always worth it to prepare a landing page. This way, you can not only achieve business goals but also gain customer loyalty. And even if you’re short on time, you can always use one of landing page templates, make some adjustments to it, and publish it to attract more leads.

Here are the 7 most basic reasons:

1. Utilization of a landing page increases conversion. A landing page is not a common webpage – lacking most of the characteristics of a classic webpage (lots of content, more advanced navigation), it focuses a user’s attention on what he or she is interested in – the product.

2. Thanks to their nature, landing pages reach users already interested in a specific topic that also want a viable offer. Now we’re getting to the bottom line – Internet users (or mobile users) simply can’t stomach advertisement anymore. According to PageFair research, Internet users leverage tools like AdBlock on 30% of desktop computers and the percentage is rising. It’s true even under current conditions, in which the market for desktops is shrinking. Reaching an audience with convincing marketing message does not mean the creation of a “good”, classic internet advertisement; it means a personalized advertisement, the kind the user will not want to miss.

3. 65% percent of marketers believe that the most effective tool for online promotion is a landing page. In the research by Marketing Experiments, this tool surpasses email campaigns by more than 10%. This shows how much power personalized messaging has. It shows B2B value and B2C value, accommodating attractive visuals with study-based data. Classic methods like cold and hot mailing, even personalized, don’t have that kind of firepower.

4. Landing pages are best for conversion. Every time you create a landing page, you expand your database, including email addresses.Therefore you can, with previously-acquired user consent that is, send him or her emails and create new campaigns that are complementary to what you’re doing with landing pages and expanding the primary goal – conversion.

5. Landing pages not only generate leads; they also help with reconversion. They help see which users are more invested in the nature of your business. They help identify website traffic and the behavior of people who go through a landing page and reach a certain place on a classic website (click-through).

6. A landing page is a tool that can be easily promoted. A landing page can be used as an element of a campaign on social media (can be linked) and with PPC campaigns (similarly). It can also be easily found organically.

7. Integrations are also a viable reason to utilize them. Connecting a landing page with external marketing tools like online chat, CRM systems, marketing automation software and much more introduces not only higher possibilities for monitoring user behavior but also additional possibilities of reaching them with marketing messages. Using an email address that was submitted on a landing page is a perfect example.

[UPDATE 07/19]

A/B testing is the best method to eliminate pain points on your landing page to optimize the conversion rate. Consider using A/B test a simple marketing tool to determine which variation of an element on your landing page performs better. While executing, A/B testing give your visitors two or more (A/B/x) variations of one element, e.g. CTA button. Split the users into two or more groups and display different page variant to each of them. After a specific and long enough period, make accurate conclusions based on the results. So, if you want to strengthen your empire, an A/B test might provide useful results and data – use them to optimize landing pages.


A landing page is a perfect way to attract a user to a given product or service. It allows for conversion increase through precise messaging that reaches a potential customer. Its utilization is one of the aces in the hole in the hands of a modern marketer.

Jarosław Ściślak

Marketing Specialist

Jarosław Ściślak is a marketing expert with over 6 years of experience in content marketing, branding, and landing page creation.
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