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Home 15 Skills That Make You a Proficient Digital Marketer [UPDATE]

15 Skills That Make You a Proficient Digital Marketer [UPDATE]


In recent times, there has been a significant increase in demand for candidates who can fit the role of a digital marketer. The digital marketing landscape is growing and evolving at a tremendous pace. As a result, the industry is now separating into more specific skill areas such as social media, content, and analytics.  In this scenario, the opportunities for people who have the requisite skills have gone up exponentially.

Below are some useful pointers on the skills you need to develop to become a proficient digital marketer.

  1. Stay updated on Digital Trends

The digital industry is fast-paced. Major players such as Google and Facebook change their algorithms and platforms on a regular basis. It is a necessity to keep track of these trends by following digital marketing sites. Social media is also a good place to get breaking news and updates. If you don’t keep up with these, you run the risk of getting left behind

  1. Be willing to learn

Employers are often able to distinguish candidates who are willing to learn from others.  The digital industry is extremely competitive, and to succeed you must be passionate and enthusiastic.  You are never done learning, so it is necessary to soak up all the information around you like a sponge.

  1. Create a network

Most successful digital marketers have a strong network of peers.  It is important to hone your networking skills and build relationships with others in the field.  Attending industry conferences and conventions are useful in creating contacts. You may also be able to learn and enhance your abilities and through these.

  1. Be organized

As a digital marketer, you will often be handling several projects at once. You will also have to transition from one platform to another rapidly. In order to do this successfully, it is important to organize your workflow.  Being well organized can lead to more spare time, during which you can acquire new skills or nurture your online presence.

  1. Try your hand at different disciplines

There are new software services and social platforms coming out every day. Being adept at various disciples will help you see the bigger picture. In this scenario, being a jack of all trades will ensure that your skills do not become redundant.

  1. Pick up industry jargon

A proficient digital marketer will be able to understand acronyms such as SEM and SEO. Not being aware of industry jargon can point to the fact that you are a newcomer to the field.  It is essential to be able to talk to your peers and industry experts on their level.

  1. Build a visible online presence

Before hiring you for a digital role, a potential employer may check out your online presence.  In order to build their company’s visibility, you need to show that you can firstly build your own. A strong online presence and digital awareness can be a huge factor in determining if you get the job.

  1. Use email marketing

The power of email marketing cannot be dismissed.  Despite several advances in the digital industry, emails are still one of the best ways to keep in touch with customers. Today, there are several powerful tools that can help segment and target specific customers.

  1. Build your content marketing strength

Experts argue that content is the most critical aspect of digital marketing. When you put out interesting and relevant content, you will get increased visibility and engagement.  For this, it is important to understand your audience and their online habits. Today several companies have full-time content managers who are responsible for the quality of any content that goes out.

  1. Develop technical skills

It is critical to expand your knowledge and technical skills continually. New technology tools can help you stay organized and improve results.  Being familiar with new technology and developing these skills will give you an edge over others.

  1. Hone your visual storytelling ability

A gripping visual can cut through the clutter online like nothing else. No matter how compelling your content is, a picture can increase its value tenfold.  An essential skill in today’s digital industry is being able to tell stories with visuals and adding them to content.

  1. Learn to analyze data

Analytics have made digital marketing very measurable. But it’s not just about having access to this valuable information. A digital marketer must be able to leverage the data provided through analytics. If used well, these numbers can improve future lead generation strategies.

  1. Build a proficient team

The people around you can have an enormous impact on your career.  Ensure that your team has a good mix of people with different skills. You must be able to complement each other’s abilities and build on strengths.

  1. Understand different social networks

Social media is on the rise and has had a tremendous impact on millions of people. Success on social media doesn’t come from just having a presence on different platforms. A good digital marketer understands the functionality of different social media networks. They also decide which ones to focus on depending on objectives and the online behavior of the target audience. The value you bring to the table is determined by how skilled you are with social media marketing.

  1. Have the ability to be creative and adapt

It is necessary to cultivate your creative side and find unique ways to different your brand from the competition. Employers value out of the box thinking and unique ideas.  In the digital industry, it is equally important to find ways to adapt to ever changing trends. These are valuable skills for problem-solving and will ensure that you stand out.

[UPDATE 08/19] 

Make friends with Machine Learning 

Machine Learning is a great marketers’ ally. It should not intimidate marketers that one day they might be replaced by an application based on Artificial Intelligence. Why? Because Machine Learning efficiency is a result of human thinking. The brain of the operation is a marketer, who knows how to understand clients’ needs, adjust parameters and has a superpower to interpret the results of the PCC digital campaign according to the strategy. Machine Learning is constantly being improved, the automation process is at PCC marketer’s fingertips. As a marketer, take all the advantages and possibilities resulting from learning Machine Learning – enhance your performance, manage your time and boost work effectiveness.

Robert Marczak

Marketing Expert

Robert Marczak is a marketing expert with over 9 years of experience in digital marketing, lead generation, and landing page creation.
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