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Best ActiveCampaign Alternative In 2024

The best ActiveCampaign alternatives should address common concerns such as high pricing, limited page-building features, and too much AI support (instead of real, human-to-human one). Discover the tool that meet these criteria perfectly. Check out the features of Landingi and compare them with those of ActiveCampaign based on user reviews and our internal tests.
the best alternative to activecampaign

ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive email marketing platform that also offers an array of additional tools for various marketing purposes. Despite being one of the most famous brands in the business, it has its downsides too. Overpricing and numerous extra charges, chatbots instead of human support, loading times far away for satisfying, intrusive marketing campaigns – these are just a few things mentioned in reviews.

Hence, no surprise, that many users are on the lookout for a tool that retains the benefits of ActiveCampaign while being free from its drawbacks. If you are one of them, I have good news for you. The platform you’re searching for exists, and what’s more, you can currently try it out for free. Get to know Landingi – the best ActiveCampaign alternative in 2024!

In this article, we’ll dissect the core features, pros & cons, user experiences, and prices for both platforms. We will compare them based on our internal tests and an analysis of the feedback from users on both tools, which was sourced from three key marketplaces:

  • G2
  • Trustpilot,
  • and GetApp.

If you’d like to skip the ActiveCampaign review, you can jump to the Landingi part right now.


ActiveCampaign was founded over twenty years ago (2003) in Chicago by Jason VandeBoom. It has grown from a small startup into a global entity serving businesses around the world.

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a software company that offers tools designed to help businesses automate their marketing strategies, manage customer relationships, build landing pages, and send targeted emails. This platform integrates these functions into a unified system that aims to enhance customer engagement and streamline marketing efforts for companies of various sizes and industries around the world.

ActiveCampaign marketing automation software platform

Why People are Using ActiveCampaign?

People use ActiveCampaign because it stands out among email marketing platforms with its advanced automation features, allowing users to set up whole workflows that save time and enhance efficiency. This combination helps businesses automate repetitive tasks while maintaining a personal touch in their communications.

A few essential advantages of ActiveCampaign listed starting with the most frequently observed by users (and reported in their comments on G2, TrustPilot and GetApp), are provided below (ranges for mentions are delivered in brackets):

  • full toolkit of email marketing automation capabilities (100+),
  • versatility and wide range of features catering to different marketing needs (45+),
  • numerous integrations and easy connections to other digital marketing platforms and apps (35+),
  • helpful onboarding materials (e.g. videos, tutorials, guides) and processes including individual calls with a dedicated specialist (+30),
  • frequent updates and constant development of the product (+15),

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

Individual users appreciate extensive tracking options. They allow to check who exactly opened the email and which links or buttons were clicked.

There are also some accolades regarding the migration process from other email marketing platforms (including those from top alternatives to ActiveCampaign).

ActiveCampaign really stands out with its automation capabilities. With just a few clicks, you can set up triggers and actions to ensure your customers get timely, tailored messages.” (Jenny D., G2, Mar 28 2024).

What are ActiveCampaign Disadvantages?

Major ActiveCampaign disadvantages include high pricing, not fully intuitive interface and support quality issues. Below are the major drawbacks and limitations of ActiveCampaign which you should be aware of before signing up. The list starts with the items most often pointed out by users in reviews and ends with those mentioned only a few times:

  • interface can be tricky and require some time to get used to due to numerous features and configuration options as well as the applied UX solutions (+60),
  • support could be of better quality to deliver fully working solutions to the real problems (some users are unhappy with the live chat and restrictive rules in the moderated Facebook) (+45),
  • high-level pricing makes it not affordable for small businesses (prices increase as the lists grow) (+45),
  • cancellation issues (additional payments, long-time request response time, pushy calls, etc.) (+45),
  • outdated templates for e-mails and pages (+15).

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

Some users also complain about the reporting dashboard which is complex and could be better visually arranged to present information in a more “readable” and easy-to-interpret manner.

A few others also report integration issues. Although the integration potential of ActiceCampaign is impressive, not every integration with external tools works smoothly (a major share of integrations involve tedious setup and manual work).

First, the quality of the service has significantly gotten worse over the years, their open rate is now horrible and they no longer offer live chat support even though I pay almost 300eur per month for their services.” (Olympia, Trustpilot, Mar 26, 2024).

ActiveCampaign Key Features

ActiveCampaign key features include advanced email marketing features, segmentation and profiling solutions, an integrated CRM system, built-in analytical dashboards, and a few side tools like landing pages or forms.

Email Marketing Tools

ActiveCampaign provides a robust platform for designing effective email marketing campaigns tailored to user engagement and behavior. You can adjust the target audience, tone of communication and the layout of crafted messages.

For the latter, you can choose from over 100 ready-to-use templates (categorized into the following goal clusters: abandoned card, conference event, customer service, holiday, newsletter, and review feedback).

email templates gallery by ActiveCampaign

Accordingly, you can send emails of many types called by the ActiveCampaign as follows:

  • broadcast emails (general messages sent to all subscribers, no matter their characteristics),
  • triggered emails (messages based on purchase, site visit, or engagement, sent automatically when a subscriber is expected to be most interested),
  • targeted emails (messages that make the most out of the advanced segmentation options, delivered to very precisely determined individuals),
  • autoresponders (e.g. welcome emails, starting a welcome series, they also can deliver lead magnets automatically based on the sign-up completion),
  • transactional emails (typically: offers sent in response to a specific action a user takes on a company website or landing page),
  • scheduled emails (messages sent with a specific date and time – perfect for events, holidays, birthdays, season offers, etc.).

ActiveCampaign surpasses its competitors in the number of triggers for email deliveries. Messages can be sent automatically once one of the following events takes place:

email marketing automation triggers by ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign also offers automation workflows for creating whole email marketing campaigns, enabling users to set up detailed, behavior-driven email sequences that increase engagement and improve conversion rates.

Additionally, at the user’s disposal is a set of analytical tools perfect for measuring email marketing outcomes. Conclusions drawn from it can be further exploited to refine our strategies so that they bring us far better results.

Finally, there are many CRMs, sales platforms and social media integration possibilities, which is great for companies utilizing a vast marketing ecosystem consisting of many tools for different digital marketing purposes.

Simple Website Builder

Just like every other ActiveCampaign alternative, the platform itself has a built-in page creator. Unfortunately, although they call it a “website builder”, it has nothing to do with reality. In fact, it’s a simple and humble landing page builder, which has several advantages, but also a bunch of limitations.

You may choose from numerous page templates designed for different purposes with various styles applied.

ActiveCampaign templates for landing pages

Templates are customizable in a few basic aspects. You can modify the copy and headers, replace images, include logotypes, etc.

You may also add additional elements like sections, buttons, forms, navigation, dividers, etc. In short, everything that is available on any other landing page creation platform. One extra point for the countdown timer, which is great for promo offerings.

ActiveCampaign has a drag-and-drop email interface, and the same technology is applied in their page builder. It works quickly and smoothly, and everything is very, very intuitive. That’s the real advantage of simplicity.

drag and drop landing page builder by ActiveCampaign

Disadvantages? Everything that exceeds the basics. If you need a custom landing page, you’ll probably be unable to build it in ActiveCampaign. Advanced features like:

  • detailed analytics for tracking performance and optimization,
  • separate mobile editor,
  • multiple account management solutions.

are simply unavailable. Also, integrations are very limited compared to competitors like Unbounce, Landingi, or Instapage. Given all this, it’s more than obvious that page building is only a side feature of ActiveCampaign. The tools they provide may be sufficient for beginners and small businesses, but their limitations make it hardly useful for corporate clients and global brands.

The platform offers an AI tool for copy creation, but the output generated is far from the final version you’d probably like to place on your pages. I suppose it is simply based on ChatGPT without significant enhancements like applying advanced pre-prompts for more targeted communication or a proven training track.

Other Marketing Features

Although ActiveCampaign boasts many features, almost all are related to email marketing, and it is questionable whether they should be listed as separate features at all. Take a look below:

all the advanced features of ActiveCampaign

That said, segmentation and connecting CRM are strictly related to creating workflows for email campaigns. Integrated AI and content creation do the job well, but, it concerns, first of all, copy for emails. Likewise, the lion’s share of analytics and reporting is related to email marketing performance.

I must, however, admit that there are a few advanced features extending the platform’s capabilities from the “bare” email marketing field to other digital realms like SMS marketing tools (sending automated SMS messages to the list subscribers) and tools for advertisement in social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). But they are typically served as add-ons that are extra paid or through integration, which is also available in tools that are alternatives to ActiveCampaign (so, it’s surely not their UVP).

ActiveCampaign Integrations

ActiveCampaign connects seamlessly with over 100 different apps and services, demonstrating strong integration capabilities that include tools for:

  • accounting (Recurly, Chargify, Harvest, Vectera, lexoffice, Zoho Invoices, etc.),
  • analytics (Appcues, Baremetrics, Databox, Geckoboard, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics and more),
  • content management (like Agile CRM, Freshworks, Kickbox, Pipedrive, Salesforce),
  • customer relationship management (including, among others, Asana, Drupal, Dropbox, Webflow, WordPress),
  • databases (Google Sheets, MySQL, Skyvia and others),
  • dev apps (Apiway, GitLab, RSS, etc.),
  • doc and office management (like DocSend, Google Docs, PandaDoc),
  • ecommerce (BigCommerce, ClickFunnels, eBay, PayPal and more),
  • education (Lessonly, Moodle, TalenCards, Teachery), event management (AddEvent, Calendly, Cvent, Eventmaker, eWebinar and others).

Keep, however, in mind that only a few integrations are native. Others will require a bit longer and complicated path to set up the connection. You can integrate in a native way with, among others, adTorch, Bigcommerce, Calendly, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, PayPal and Slack.

ActiveCampaign Pricing & Plans

ActiveCampaign pricing starts at $19 per month for most basic sales management solutions and ends at $1434 for Bundles/Enterprise plan with up to 50,000 contacts (for unlimited contacts, you need to talk to sales to obtain an individual quote). Generally, using the platform is really expensive, while the pricing structure itself is a true maze. You can check all the ins and outs in our separate article about ActiveCampaign pricing. Here we cover the essentials only.

ActiveCampaign offers four general plans, and each includes a few additional ones. General plans are as follows:

  • Marketing for at least $29/MO (email & marketing automation solutions included),
  • Sales for at least $49/MO (CRM & sales engagement tools included),
  • Bundles for at least $149/MO (kind of mix of the two lower plans),
  • Transactional Email for at least $259/MO (API + SMTP for your site/app included)

Here are some facts you should be aware of before signing up to ActiveCampaign:

  • the above prices apply only to annual payments (if you want to be billed monthly, the costs increase),
  • additional fees are applied as your list grows (e.g. the cheapest plan costs $29/MO if your lists consists of up to 1000 contacts, $139/MO if it consists of up to 10 000 contacts, $389 if it consists of up to 50 000 contacts, and for unlimited contacts a separate quote is needed),
  • every extra organizational user seat is additionally paid (for big marketing teams, the prices,
  • no free plan offered (a free trial is available).

What I dislike the most about the platform is pushy upselling. Upon selecting a plan, several extra options are offered for purchase (such as SMS marketing, CRM, and custom reporting), significantly boosting the price. The final cost can reach the market’s ceiling unreachable for any of the ActiveCampaign alternative tools.

email marketing and automation features prices in ActiveCampaign

Landingi – Best ActiveCampaign Alternative

For over 10 years, Landingi has established itself as a distinguished brand in the digital marketing industry. Originally celebrated as a superior page builder, the platform has now expanded to include an all-in-one suite featuring tools for AI content creation, in-depth user behavior analysis, testing, and beyond.

What is Landingi?

Known for its efficient landing page builder, Landingi is a cloud-based platform that assists users in creating, launching, and optimizing professional landing pages without any programming required. It features intuitive drag-and-drop editing, a comprehensive template library, A/B testing capabilities, and integration with multiple marketing tools, aiming to simplify lead capture, sales generation, and campaign measurement for marketers and agencies.

Landingi all in one platform for digital marketers

Why People are Using Landingi?

People use Landingi due to its versatile functionality, user-friendly interface, and effective landing pages. It offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing by merging multiple tools into one integrated platform.

Based on reviews, we outline the seven key benefits of Landingi, arranged from the most to the least applauded (ranges for mentions are delivered in the brackets):

  • versatile and intuitive builder of digital assets like landing pages, micropages, pop-ups, forms, sections, etc., requiring no coding expertise (65+),
  • flexibility in customization, supported by a wide array of templates designed for specific industries and page types (40+),
  • numerous marketing tools and features designed to serve a variety of purposes. (30+),
  • highly responsive, human-first customer support (30+)
  • reasonable cost-quality ratio (20+),
  • almost countless integrations (10+),
  • account and management solutions dedicated to agencies, enterprises, and global companies (10+).

(*) A minimum of 10 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

Out of 82 reviews Landingi received on GetApp from users using it for at least 12 months, not a single one is under 4/5, while over 90% is 5/5.

Moreover, various comments praise the platform for its solid infrastructure, remarkable responsiveness, and rapid loading speeds, as well as for its wide range of e-commerce features like compatibility with payment gateways, integrations with e-commerce platforms, and capabilities for tracking orders.

An increasing number of reviewers are pointing out the relatively new tools available on the Landingi platform, such as:

  • AI Assistant, capable of creating comprehensive content for your pages, with customizable options for audience, tone, and purpose, plus key SEO elements including descriptions and meta descriptions;
  • EventTracker, also provides insights into user behavior on your pages by tracking views, scroll percentage, and clicks.

Finally: note that although Landingi is not an email marketing tool itself, you may easily integrate it with platforms like GetResponse, MailChimp, or even ActiveCampaign to make full use of your email marketing stack.

What I liked the most about Landingi is that the support team is really good. They are fast, friendly and helpful. When I had a doubt they always solved it pretty quickly. Also the educational content is very complete.” (Bruno H., G2, 23 Feb 2024)

What are Landingi’s Disadvantages?

Landingi’s disadvantages include the interface taking a little time to be familiar with and the need for template library refreshment (what is currently happening). Generally, the platform extremely rarely receives negative reviews, so the areas for improvement delivered below are also taken from the positive reviews with a dose of criticism included. These areas, ranked by how frequently users mention them (noted in parentheses), include:

  • expanding the template library to include more niche industries and styles would be ideal (10+).
  • it may initially require some effort to navigate the interface, even if after a while, it becomes straightforward and simple to use (10+).
  • the auto-generated mobile view is a time-saver, but it still demands additional adjustments for perfection (5+).

It took me a while to figure out their customization but I’m okay now” (Foster S., GetApp, 2022).

Landingi Key Features

Landingi offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop landing page builder that enables users to effortlessly design custom, responsive landing pages – including microsites, forms, and other digital assets – without requiring any coding expertise. The platform also offers a range of optimization tools, including A/B testing and EventTracker, plus many additional functionalities available natively (e.g., AI Assistant for content generation), or via external integrations (e.g. with email marketing automation tools).

Versatile and Easy-to-Use Builder

With its straightforward, precise, and drag-and-drop editor, Landingi makes it easy to craft visually appealing landing pages, one-page sites, and mobile-friendly pages, as well as a set of other digital assets like pop-ups, forms, and lightboxes. Your toolkit for constructing these pages includes (among other features):

  • text boxes,
  • forms (with templates),
  • buttons (including those for payments, integrated with PayPal, PayU, Stripe, etc.),
  • images and effects,
  • videos or animations,
  • icons and more.

In Landingi you can create landing pages, but also individual sections. Sections can be created based on templates or from scratch, and they can be activated (or changed) on many pages simultaneously with just one click (SmartSections feature).

Landingi the best alternative to ActiveCampaign

Another essential benefit of Landingi is its dedicated mode for mobile view editing. This powerful tool lets users customize their landing pages for optimal display on mobile devices, ensuring an ideal viewing experience. Every element of the mobile landing page can be fine-tuned, from button sizes to the visibility and arrangement of elements, creating a perfectly responsive design suited for smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, Landingi includes a convenient one-click feature to automatically suggest a new mobile layout, enhancing design efficiency.

Landingi mobile editor as a ActiveCampaign alternative for mobile pages editing

400+ Templates

With a more abundant template library than its competitors, Landingi provides over 400 templates for landing pages, pop-ups, sections, etc. The platform’s functionality to categorize these templates by specific goals and industries makes it easy for users to find the perfect design swiftly.

For creators looking for total control, there is also the possibility to start with a blank canvas and customize pages completely from scratch, according to their own preferences.

templates alternatives to ActiveCampaign by Landingi

AI Software Suite

The AI toolkit at Landingi features an advanced copy generator, powered by ChatGPT and enhanced with a wide array of predefined prompts for more targeted and precise copy. Simply input some basic details about your brand, target audience, and desired communication style, and it swiftly generates content for your landing pages that only requires minor adjustments before going live. If you’re not fully satisfied with the first output, you may request additional iterations using the “regenerate” option.

landingi ai marketing automation for content

Landingi’s AI Assistant also contributes to SEO optimization by automatically filling in descriptions and meta descriptions when needed.

Landingi is working on augmenting its AI image editing features, which now enable users to change image backgrounds easily with one click, with further expansions anticipated soon.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

It’s high time for the area, where Landingi proves it offers much more than just smooth creation of pages, pop-ups. sections, etc. The platform boasts an array of built-in conversion optimization tools that deliver critical data, providing a robust foundation for analysis and informed decision-making to enhance your design choices and boost conversion rates.

Landingi offers numerous CRO tools, but two are exceptionally useful:

  • The A/B testing tool enables you to test different versions of landing pages or specific elements such as headlines and images to identify which variations drive the best conversion results, including more traffic and higher-quality leads.
  • EventTracker allows for the tracking of detailed user interactions like button clicks, page scrolls, and video views, offering valuable insights. It is an excellent alternative to Google Analytics for those working with landing pages, solving many common issues found in GA. Below, see a more detailed comparison of both tools on key aspects.
microconversion data tracking by EventTracker and GA4

It’s noteworthy that ActivecCampaign doesn’t offer professional analytics for landing pages or micro conversion tracking (their analytics tools are designed primarily for email campaigns). You may check in the app how many users visited your pages or how many of them get converted, but you’ll be unable to verify their moves and behavior on your pages. Thus, you’ll lose the chance to find out which elements on your pages are barriers to conversion.

Custom Solutions for Agencies and Enterprises

Landingi is the best ActiveCampaign alternative also in the realm of scalability options useful for agencies, big brands, international companies and corporate clients. They commonly require advanced management tools, extensive workflow customization, and a higher volume of pages.

Landingi’s agency package allows for the creation of multiple subaccounts for different clients, campaigns, goals, and website types, providing tailored permissions settings and easy management via streamlined, intuitive dashboards.

For those looking to produce many landing pages or sites, Landingi has assembled a suite of tools specifically crafted to accommodate such demands:

  • At first, the platform’s Smart Sections feature provides a way to update multiple landing pages at once by changing a single shared section with one click. It significantly streamlines the process of updating large-scale multipage campaigns or numerous sales landing pages.
  • Landingi also features a dynamic content option, indispensable for programmatic SEO efforts. This function allows different content to be shown to distinct demographic groups, optimizing targeted communications. For instance, an e-commerce clothing store could leverage this feature to display ‘Check out our winter collection!’ to visitors from colder climates, and change to ‘Stay cool this summer with our new arrivals!’ for users from tropical regions, demonstrating the seamless personalization achievable with automation.
  • Additionally, Landingi allows for easy replication of your pages with just a single click, making it simple to build similar pages quickly.

Make your sections smartable and let go of mundane manual tasks with Smart Sections! An easy way to manage bulk changes.

Reliability and High Performance

Landingi maintains the highest standards of website security and functionality, utilizing cloud technologies powered by Amazon Web Services. It features advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication and the latest Re-Captcha, enhanced by regular penetration tests from third-party cybersecurity experts. This comprehensive security framework ensures your pages are not only safe but also perform optimally, making Landingi a trusted choice for many renowned global brands, including:

  • Sony,
  • Warner Bros,
  • Opera,
  • ING,
  • PayU.
key facts on safety of pages and customer data in Landingi

Landingi Integrations

Landingi offers broad integration capabilities, supporting connections with over 170 tools, which makes it an ideal choice for companies with a comprehensive marketing software stack. The most advantageous types of tools for integration include:

  • CRM platforms (HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipeline CRM, Zoho, Keap, Brevo, ConvertKit, Firmao, Thrive Coach and other apps),
  • email marketing automation platforms (GetResponse, Klaviyo, MailChimp, SendFox, Freshmail, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, EmailOctopus, Constant Contact and more),
  • chats and support tools (Freshchat, Zendesk, Intercom, Convolo, WhatsApp),
  • data analytics, behavior tracking and reporting software (Google Analytics, Hotjar, Pinterest Tag, Crazy Egg, Mixpanel, Piwik PRO, TikTok Pixel, Matomo),
  • digital advertising platforms (e.g. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising),
  • tools and apps with ecommerce features (BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Chargify, Mercado Pago, Jotform, PayPal, Stripe, etc.),
  • other useful tools (Calendly, Zapier, Booksy, ClickSend, Excel, Gmail, Spotify, Drip, Slack, reCAPTCHA, Airbnb, and Trustpilot).

Landingi Pricing & Plans

You can try out each of Landingi’s plans through a free trial that grants access to all page-creation features, with no payment required upfront.

All plans feature a comprehensive suite of functionalities, with the most critical features listed for each below. Note that features available in lower-tier plans are included in all subsequent higher-tier plans. The plans differ in limits of visits per month and in how many domains can be added to a single account.

1. Lite ($29 monthly):

  • asset builder (landing pages, websites, mobile pages, microsites, forms, pop-ups, lightboxes, thank-you-pages, sections),
  • 10 pages to build,
  • 400+ templates (300+ for landing pages, and 100+ for other assets),
  • 5,000 visits a month,
  • 1 custom domain (+SSL),
  • conversions without limits,
  • all the building components included (buttons, CTAs, visuals, forms, countdown timers, sliders and many more),
  • calendars and maps embeds,
  • Smart Sections,
  • WordPress Plugin,
  • optimization tools,
  • tracking pages with GTM integration and in-built dashboards,
  • nearly 200 integrations,
  • lead inbox and management in platform,
  • top page speed index and 99.9% uptime.

2. Professional ($49 monthly):

  • unlimited creations to build,
  • 50,000 visits a month,
  • 10 custom domains (+SSLs).

3. Unlimited ($999 monthly):

  • unlimited traffic,
  • 20 custom domains(+SSLs),
  • 20 subaccounts,
  • access to audit logs,
  • domain whitelisting,
  • reverse proxy publishing,
  • custom development (on demand),
  • lead generation advisory,
  • official partnership.

Important: for those requiring more traffic or additional domains on the more basic plans, there’s always the option to purchase extra packages.

And lastly, the addon store offers a selection of features that go beyond the previously mentioned ones.

Why Landingi is the Best ActiveCampaign Alternative?

Landingi is the best ActiveCampaign alternative, as it offers:

  • a versatile page builder with many advanced features tailored (also) for big businesses’ needs,
  • a broad set of other digital marketing assets for content creation, analytics, and testing,
  • prompt human support instead of automated chat.

Last but not least, Landingi having all of this on the board, still stays the most affordable tool among the best ActiveCampaign alternatives.

Of course, ActiveCampaign, as a powerful email marketing platform, takes the lead in the email marketing category, so if you are looking for a one-purpose tool only for that, it will be a better choice. If you, however, seek something more than that and want to have a set of digital marketing features and tools in one platform, then you should give a chance to Landingi.

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